[Education] Why affliction is one of the worst perks for ranged weapons

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Why affliction is one of the worst perks for ranged weapons.

It should be pretty obvious as to what my position on the 'affliction' perk is on ranged weapons by the title of this thread.


The point is to share information with you that other people really should have but didn't. It's also probably going to make quite a number of people who have invested heavily into 'affliction' perked weapons to feel a bit cheated and annoyed at people who kept promoting affliction despite how bad it actually is.

The Basics of Affliction

I didn't figure out the affliction equation, My example is going to use a 'Founder's Raptor, 5 stars, 50/50, ore'
. I'm using this because it obviously isn't a best in slot weapon and you can do much much better on your own guns (that, and I actually know the 'evolution damage' for this gun)

LineValuesNumbersUI Values
Line 1BaseDamage = 28, EvolutionDamage = 2250
Line 2WeaponLevel = 503.45
Line 3Offense = 2554, SurvivorBonuses = 0.026.54
Line 4HeroDamageBonuses = 0.0, WeaponDamageBonuses = 0.11.1

Making the Offense vs Tech Stat Comparison Fair

Obviously I don't have exactly the same 'Offense' and 'Tech' F.O.R.T stat values, but since we have the equations to figure out the damage of things we can just swap out the stats to make them even.


The highest (solo) power level in the game is around p125. Someone posted about their stats here

  • I'm going to use their max solo stats for our test case
  • 3027 Offense
  • 3027 Tech


Updated Affliction and Weapon Damage Values in the following tables, using 3027 Offense and Tech



Hero Ability Damage1171%70.26140.52
Ability Damage3027%31.2731.27
Damage Per Tick2197.03024394.0604
6 ticks (1 tick/sec)13182.181226364.3624



Line 1BaseDamage = 28, EvolutionDamage = 2250
Line 2WeaponLevel = 503.45
Line 3Offense = 3027, SurvivorBonuses = 0.031.27
Line 4HeroDamageBonuses = 0.0, WeaponDamageBonuses = 0.11.1

Giving Context and Meaning to the Numbers

Now that we have the numbers after scaling Offense and Tech to have the same values we can actually start to look at affliction. Keeping in mind that

  • Affliction 'ticks' once per second
  • Affliction does not 'tick' on the initial application (need to wait 1 second before any damage benefit)
  • The Raptor has a fire rate of 8 shots per second.


Damage Per SecondNumbers
Raptor, x8 Bodyshot47467.860
Raptor, x8 Headshot83068.755


The damage you get from each affliction tick is equal to

  • ~ 4.6% of the damage you'd get from just landing 8 bodyshots
  • ~ 2.6% of the damage you'd get from just landing 8 headshots
  • If you let affliction tick for full duration, it would have done '13182.1812' damage (over the 6 seconds)


Remember, affliction is independent of your weapon. In this example, I'm using a fairly slow fire rate of 8 shots per second. If you have a faster firing weapon (e.g. if you're using UAH) then the affliction damage becomes less and less (because you would have fired even more bullets per second).

What about 5 headshots in a row to get 30% damage?

If I 'tweak' the damage calculation formula to assume +30% damage (in addition to the 10% I originally had from the energy perk), then my damage per shot becomes: 7551.705

  • 7551.705 * 8 (bodyshots) = 60413.640
  • 7551.705 1.75 * 8 (headshots) = 105723.870


If we figure out the difference between having (and not having) that 30% damage buff

  • Bodyshots: 12945.780 extra damage
  • Headshots: 22655.115 extra damage

What about the 30% snare for 6 seconds

Husks (normal husks) take a little over 1.5 seconds to traverse 1 tile (which is about 512 range). In 8 minute defense missions husks always spawn about 10 tiles away from the objective, giving you about 15 seconds to 'intercept' them if you haven't built any trap tunnels or choke points. I haven't actually got a 30% snare ranged weapon (I do have a melee weapon, but the AI gets messed up when you start hitting them with melee weapons and walk funny). I'm assuming a 30% snare means they move at 70% of their original speed.

  • Let us say that Speed = Distance/Time = (512*10)/15
  • Speed ~ 341.333333 range per second
  • Reduce Speed to be 70%
  • Speed ~ 238.9333333
  • Time = Distance/Speed
  • Time ~ 21.43 seconds
  • 'Gain' of about 6.43 seconds (21.43-15.00) over 10 tiles, so 0.643 seconds per tile


If your weapon fires at 8 rounds per second, then the firing interval is 1 shot every 0.125 seconds, that's an extra 5 attacks per tile of movement.

What about %damage to conditional perks

The 'easiest' damage to conditional perks to trigger are 'afflicted' and 'slow/snared' status effects. A bunch of traps do it as do various hero skills. Constructor B.A.S.E if you have the electrified floors will count as afflicted status and Megabase Kyle (Mythic) has an absolutely massive B.A.S.E coverage area if you like that sort of thing. You don't need a weapon perk to apply the conditional status and if you're using things like 'trap choke/tunnels' you'll have plenty of traps inside that will apply status conditions anyway.

Finishing Up

In patch 4.2 there are 5 different ranged max-level perks that you can get, my top 3 are (in no particular order)

  • 30% snare for 6 seconds
  • 40% impact, 1 sec stun
  • 5 headshots in row for 30% damage


I've explained the mechanics for affliction and for calculating weapon damge. I've given you a fair example where the offense and tech were in equal amounts. The damage affliction does is completely independent of your weapon (will be the same for all weapons). I've done a demonstration with a terribly statted weapon to skew the damage in afflictions favor and even then the affliction damage is shockingly low. Most of you (since patch 4.2) will obviously be perking your weapons to do as much damage as possible which would make the affliction even worse than in the examples I've given (because your weapons are just that much stronger).


By now, it should be insanely obvious why I think affliction is one of the worst perks for ranged weapons. UAH with a Fire Rate perk on a Siegebreaker (and make it rain) can fire more than 20 bullets per second. Think about how little damage per affliction tick will do, relative to the damage from all those bullets in the same period of time. Having any of the 3 perks I listed instead of affliction is going to give you much much better results from either the damage going up on your weapon (headshots) or the extra time/crowd control you get from the snares and stuns.


Players are entitled to their own opinions. I won't tell you how you should play (nor will I play for you). If you still think the affliction perk is still a great perk even after reading that's a perfectly valid point of view.

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