Elemental Smashers are coming back! Let us review Ol’ Betsy and whether or not Physical or Energy elements are best choice (long, hopefully educating post)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Elemental Smashers are coming back! Let us review Ol' Betsy and whether or not Physical or Energy elements are best choice (long, hopefully educating post)

The day has finally come (or at least it will be here very shortly). We have been blessed these past few months with the ease of having absolutely NO elemental Smashers in the game. They are well known to be terrors to our SSDs and mission defenses and quite honestly much more of a bitch to deal with than their non-elemental friends. With their return, the question comes whether or not to change Mist Monster-killing guns from physical to energy.

With this post, we are specifically going to be talking about our dear Ol' Betsy! I saw someone ask a question in a post today asking whether they should change their Ol' Betsy from physical to energy to make up for the upcoming Smasher change, so I began replying to their comment but decided I would first make a bit of a guide for anyone else wondering the same question. We hopefully will come to a solid conclusion, or a best all around choice, of which is better to use when the elemental Smashers come back.

Please forgive me, as I am nowhere near as knowledged on making a generalized chart to compare all levels of guns and enemies as some very skilled members in the subreddit, so I used my own stats and weapon loadouts for comparison, although they should scale up or down with nearly similar results although there are many factors for which to account.

Player Level, Hero Loadout, and Stats used for the demonstration:

  • PL 116
  • Hero Loadout: 2 different loadouts – Generic (non-ranged weapon boosting)/ Genericand Generic/Urban Assault (+24% headshot damage)
  • Offense stat: 3,084
  • Please note: I have 3 sets of the Ranged Damage bonus in my survivor squads, but I'm pretty sure they actually do nothing (or very little) to ranged damage overall.

Perks of Ol' Betsy (both identical):

  • DMG | RS | Energy | HS | HS

The following chart compares each gun in terms of damage to physical and elemental husks with and without Urban Assault in support, and whether or not they can kill husks that have high health.

  • Enemies that have no difference in which element is used have been left out
  • Smashers are left out of the chart, and will be brought up later in the post, since no form of Ol' Betsy can one-shot any level 100 Smasher
  • All forms of Husky Husk (riot, propane, regular) have the same health so all are listed as "Husky"
  • OSK = One shot kill
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Element Level Hero Support HS DMG to Physical Husk HS DMG to Elemental Husk Taker OSK (273,071 HP) Blaster OSK (341,338 HP)
Energy 106 Generic Generic 242,060.28 181,545.21 No No
Energy 106 Generic Urban Assault 278,369.31 208,776.98 Yes No
Energy 130 Generic Generic 318,845.87 239,134.40 Yes No
Energy 130 Generic Urban Assault 366,672.78 275,004.59 Yes Yes
Physical 106 Generic Generic 280,789.94 140,394.97 Yes No
Physical 106 Generic Urban Assault 322,908.44 161,454.22 Yes No
Physical 130 Generic Generic 369,861.25 184,930.63 Yes Yes
Physical 130 Generic Urban Assault 425,340.44 212,670.22 Yes Yes
  • I had to take Husky Husks out of the table since it was too big to fit on the page without scrolling. They have 204,803 HP. Basically physical Husky Husks can be killed by almost anything. However, the physical Ol' Betsys have trouble with the one-shot headshot on them the elemental Husky Husks, with 130 version with UA in support needed to one-shot them, in this case.

Shots to kill: Energy Ol' Betsy vs. Elemental Smasher:

  • 106 shots to kill: health/damage = 4.23, so 5 shots
  • 130 Shots to kill = 3.72, so 4 shots

Shots to kill: Physical Ol' Betsy vs. Elemental Smasher:

  • 106 Shots to kill = 6.34, so 7 shots
  • 130 Shots to kill = 4.82, so 5 shots

Shots to kill for each gun vs. physical Smasher:

  • 106 Energy: 3.68, so 4 shots
  • 130 Energy: 2.79, so 3 shots
  • 106 Physical: 3.17, so 4 shots
  • 130 Physical: 2.41, so 3 shots


Before I finish, I again want to note that even though these numbers are with my current stats, they should scale similarly to other levels, with just minor differences up or down. If everyone was at player level 131 with maxed out stats, it'd be an easier write up since the gun would do the same damage for everyone.


For solo players, physical is probably the way to go if Takers and Blasters are what you are trying to take out while using the gun. Physical has the highest damage output against physical husks, and Takers and Blasters do not spawn as elemental. I'm not quite sure I'd label this gun as a "Smasher killer" but it isn't impossible. The troublesome thing is how many headshots in a row that have to land on an elemental Smasher, and the length of time it just spent dealing with that one Smasher while the others that may have spawned with it roam freely.

For players that normally play public or with a team, each teammate's stat boosts will increase the damage numbers on the gun that whether it's energy or physical won't matter.

At the end of the day, it seems that perks are more important to this argument than "energy vs. physical". This perk setup has the highest HS damage out of any combination of perks you can put on the gun, and allows players to one-shot almost anything, with the one exception being a 106 energy Betsy trying to one-shot a Blaster. I'm not positive whether or not a full team would be able to boost the damage high enough to do it, but I'm sure that's possible.

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Feel free to give constructive criticism, because I would like to make posts like this in the future if it makes a difference to the community. Nope. This took way too long to vaguely come up with a answer to what I thought was more easily answered through numbers. I have to respect all you guys and girls that make long, detailed posts that explain weapon damage numbers in a variety of situations. You guys (not listing specific names because I'd probably leave people out) are god damn heroes for putting out information on weapons and topics to help out this community.


This whole "make a post regarding which weapon perks are better" job is not for me. I figured that out about halfway through and only finished because I'd put so much time into this. The game has so much variance and it is difficult to account for all the different possible outcomes. If you use the Ol' Betsy to kill Takers and Blasters, use it as physical. If this is your specific Smasher killer and are worried about elemental Smashers when they come back, then energy is going to be the faster way to deal with them, especially if you normally play with teammates since everyone's shared stats should boost the energy Ol' Betsy high enough to one-shot Blasters as well. If you want to mow everything down with no worry or care about mats, use a 130 energy Ol' Betsy.

I'm sorry. I wanted this post to be good with rock hard solid results but it just didn't happen. I hope it still helps put things into perspective at least.

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