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Hello peps im new to this forum but old to the game i want to recomend some stuff for StW in order to improve end game content and qualilty of life because to be honest StW its just a mass farming/grinding game….. so in order for people to actually work their ass for new maps/levels and stuff instead of having a lot of low level afk-leechers sons of …. that just there for bucks for BR i came up with an idea…. picture this,

RAIDS with different levels, new zone (Like in Events / can be for limited time ) a Giant Castle with multiple Chambers each on wich we will defend something or try to gain control of something in order to advance to diferent scenarios and at the end a Hero Mind Controlled by a Zombie as a Boss ( just an example ) Could be … a giant Smasher or something, dunno…. at the end of the Raid you get special weapons ONLY AVAILABLE in RAID content, a new banner or something so you can show off to your buds different type of weapons/Banners according to the Raid Level ….


Stranger's Base Like in Defend Your own Shield but will only last that game and wont affect anyone's Base will just be like if you were in a regular map but with DDS Rules

LoL Kinda-Misions

Like DDS but with 3 rails Bombarded by all kind of zombies you have to gain terrain in order to destroy their "Towers" ((Respawns)) and you can finally get to the last part of the mision

Dunno thats my 5 cents hope you can read this… thx a lot and enjoy StW people

EDIT ALSO any kind of content cannot be accessed if you don't have the required Power (UNLESS IS PRIVATE GAME) that way you avoid low level leechers

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