Energy damage needs a rework.

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Edit: Quit coming in here to say Energy is perfectly fine as a jack of all trade unless you read the post and have a counterpoint. It, in its current state, is not a good replacement to having three elements because two elements still do the job better, and against all 3 elemental types at the same time (which doesn't even happen anyways) any single element is not even 5% less effective overall compared to Energy.

With perk rerolling now available, a new question has arisen: "Why choose Energy damage?". And unfortunately the answer is "Don't." Before, with random rolls, Energy had a decent place simply because you could use a good Energy weapon until you got a good gun for each element. It also was actually extremely good for innate Energy weapons that also rolled an element. However, now its not really possible to get an Energy weapon with better rolls than an elemental one, and dual element guns no longer exist outside of legacy.

Now, Energy as a damage type is just irrelevant, though Epic doesn't seem to realize this since we just had an event where every weapon had innate Energy damage. The problem is the way elemental damage is set up. Energy is (seemingly) intended to be the second best option for elemental types, never as good as using the appropriate element type, but better than the other options. However, that isn't really the case because using the same element as the enemy (shooting a Fire husk with a Fire weapon for example) does the same damage. Because of this, any individual element is almost as effective as an Energy weapon across all three element types. For numbers, any element has a total of 192% (100 for strong type, 67 for same, 25 for weak) whereas Energy has 201% (67 for each). Energy is barely justifiable even if you're fighting every element husk compared to a single element, and loses its little value with the addition of any other elemental gun.


Even Physical damage, since those rolls go up to 44% instead of 20%, is competitive with Energy. On a gun with non damage rolls in slots 1 and 4, such as a crit setup or RoF+HS, but still with the +45% damage to X in Slot 5, Physical weapons have a total 89% bonus (45+44) whereas Energy weapons have 65% (45+20). Physical weapons have ~14% damage advantage, which translates to effectively 57% damage to elemental vs Energy's 67%. Energy wins, thankfully. However, a Storm has a combination of elemental and non elemental enemies, especially since some enemies such as Blasters and Lobbers can't be elemental. Physical's damage coverage of both elemental and non elemental is 171% (114+57) whereas Energy's is 167% (100+67). With an equal amount of elemental and non elemental husks, Physical actually does more total damage than Energy. To be fair though, this changes the more damage bonuses are on the gun due to diminishing returns.

For the most part, Energy damage isn't worth worrying about since you can just put a different element on most weapons. However, Energy innate weapons are forced into taking an Energy roll (which is redundant), on top of likely using Energy Cell ammunition which is costly to make and doesn't offer any sort of benefit to offset the higher value. Because of this, innate Energy weapons just aren't good. They have no advantage over a similar, non Energy weapons.

So what needs to change to make Energy weapons worth using? More damage, plain and simple. Personally, I think Energy should do 80% damage to elemental husks. This makes it still not as good as any 2 elements but definitively better than a single element overall since it will do more damage outside of that element's strength (though the single element still has a better total performance against both its strength and itself). While 80% still may sound high, the appropriate element still does 25% more damage in comparison. Also, Energy cell weapons need a damage buff to justify their expensive ammo. It doesn't have to be a huge increase, just enough so that, for example, a Deathray is superior to an Energy Siegebreaker. The base numbers don't even have to be changed. Instead, weapons with a forced Energy element (or any forced element) could have their elemental perk give 30-35% increased damage rather than the usual 20% to compensate for the fact that there isn't a choice on it.

Also, please buff Reclaimer support to be multiplicative. Even for Energy abilities Shuriken Master is either just as good if not better, and for weapons the appropriate support (Berserker for assault rifles, etc) is both higher and multiplicative, regardless of element.

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