Enforcer vs Wild Fragment – Tested & Compared at max level/tech

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As someone who plays a lot of Enforcer, I was intrigued by Wild Fragment's skill set and wanted to test both heroes' combat effectiveness and damage potential. So I did some light testing with both to give players a fair comparison between the two so people interested in Wild Fragment can see how he stands up to his obvious rival.


Damage testing assumes 100% uptime when TEDDYs used on cool down. This is not realistic, and I just wanted to use this scenario to illustrate their damage potential, not their overall effectiveness in combat.


I have max tech – 3,027, and 5% base ability damage squadron bonus. All testing of TEDDY's damage was done solo on PL 100 physical enemies. I felt that this would give an adequate sample of TEDDY's solo DPS ceiling in a vacuum. Additional ability damage squadron bonuses not withstanding


First, let's look at the heroes' TEDDY damage buffs. (not counting Carbide/Commando in tactical)


  • 25 second TEDDY

  • 50% increased fire rate

  • 25% increased damage

For Enforcer, this means that his TEDDY attacks 6 times per second, at 20 base physical damage per attack.

Wild Fragment

  • 20 second TEDDY

  • 50% increased TEDDY damage when deployed with a fragment

For Wild Fragment, this means that when deploying TEDDY with a fragment, TEDDY attacks 4 times per second, at 24 base physical damage. When deployed *without a fragment, TEDDY will attack at a base of 16 physical damage.

Now let's look at their difference in TEDDY utility, because this is important

Enforcer – TEDDY range is 8 tiles. Applies 30% movement and attack speed slow. 30% cool down reduction when deployed with a fragement.

Wild Fragment – TEDDY range is 4 tiles. Applies 30% movement and attack speed slow. 50% cool down reduction when deployed with a fragment.


On the face of it, it is obvious that Enforcer is the superior TEDDY user, having twice the range and higher damage potential. But by how much? And can Wild Fragment make up the difference with his shorter cool downs and fragment bonuses with Impossibility Matrix?

But one thing struck me as odd when comparing the heroes, and it's what inspired me to actually do the damage testing in game – Wild Fragment has a higher ability damage modifier than Enforcer. In fact, something I hadn't noticed before – out of the top ability damage Outlanders, Enforcer's ability damage modifier is the lowest.

For context, unslotted at level 50/50, Enforcer's stands at 13.3. Wild Fragment – 15.4.

Slotted with level 50 Shuriken Master support slot, and level 50 Carbide tactical slot, the ability damage modifiers looks like this –

Enforcer – 17.8

Wild Fragment – 20.3

How does their difference in ability damage translate to the difference in their TEDDY's damage, and how much difference, if any, does it make in a practical setting.

Well, let's look at their DPS


(This assumes TEDDY firing 100% of the time he is deployed. While not always going to happen because of the nature of waves, it is important to note here that this is much easier for Enforcer's bear to accomplish considering its 8-tile range)

All testing was done with Shuriken Master support and Carbide tactical. At max tech, solo, all heroes in all slots at level 50. On PL 100 physical enemies.

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  • TEDDY attacks for 11,120 damage per shot, 6 times per second.

  • DPS – 66, 720

  • Bear duration – 30 seconds

  • Max damage per deploy2,001,600

Wild Fragment (With Fragment)

  • TEDDY attacks for 15,265 damage, 4 times per second

  • DPS – 61,060

  • Bear Duration – 25 seconds

  • Max damage per deploy1,526,500

Wild Fragment (Without Fragment)

  • TEDDY attacks for 10,177, 4 times per second

  • DPS – 40,708

  • Bear duration – 25 seconds

  • Max damage per deploy1,017,700


As you can see, it is clear that Enforcer's bear, per deployment and per second, beats out Wild Fragment considerably.

In terms of DPS, when using a Fragment, Wild Fragment's bear is doing 10% less DPS – closer than I had expected. But damage drops off considerably when deploying without a fragment. To the point where over the course of a deploy with 100% damage uptime, Enforcer's bear is actually doing near double the damage.

*This is important to note, especially for Enforcer, because Wild Fragment's bear deploy without a fragment illustrates how much stronger Enforcer's is than the standard (no buffs) TEDDY



But while we've established their DPS, it wouldn't be fair to assess the heroes' combat effectiveness without giving Wild Fragment a fair chance to make up the difference with more TEDDY uptime (lower cooldown) and more charges. So what difference does that actually make?

I decided to assume a reasonable scenario in which each hero is activating 4 fragment nodes pre-defense.

On average, Wild Fragment will start the defense with 9 Fragments

Enforcer will start the defense with 4 Fragments.

It goes without saying that in almost all cases, Wild Fragment is going to use more TEDDYs per defense.

In a practical setting this damage difference is hard to gauge because of the nature of defenses, including downtime between waves and TEDDY not having anything to attack in certain cases (meaning – lots of TEDDY uptime is wasted, even with smart positioning and timing)

Though, if both heroes are using their TEDDYs on cool down to take full advantage of their cool down reduction and place as many TEDDYs as possible, it looks something like this

Wild Fragment – places 13 full duration TEDDYS (25 seconds each)

  • at the 4.5 minute mark, Wild Fragment will have placed 9 empowered TEDDYs, leaving him 4 regular TEDDYS to place in the defense, his last one expiring just as the mission ends.

Enforcer – places 9 full duration TEDDYs (30 seconds each)

  • Enforcer can place 4 TEDDYs at the beginning of the defense, his 4th one expiring just before the third minute starts. This leaves him with 5 full duration TEDDYs to place for the remainder of defense.

Total TEDDY damage/time

So in this scenario, what does their total TEDDY uptime(damage) look like?

An 8-minute defense will last for 480 seconds

Wild Fragment

  • 225 seconds of empowered TEDDY – 13,738,500 damage by the 4.5 minute mark.

  • In the last 3.5 minutes, Wild Fragment can deploy 4 regular TEDDYs for an uptime of 100 seconds, doing a maximum damage of 4,070,800.

For a total of 17,809,300 possible TEDDY damage over a defense

  • Now, there is a huge issue here, and it is that When using fragments on cool down, MOST of Wild Fragment's damage is front-loaded into the first half of the mission This is very important to note, not just because it would be difficult to have that much damage uptime to take full advantage of the increased TEDDY damage, but also how far his damage drops off in an 8-minute defense when he runs out of fragments.
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By comparison…


  • is using 9 full duration TEDDYs (270 seconds of uptime) doing a possible 2,001,600 each deploy for a total possible defense damage of 18,014,400.

-When Wild Fragment runs out of charges at the 4.5 minute mark, Enforcer will have used 5 TEDDYs. At that point reaching a maximum damage of around 10,000,000*.

Disragarding damage occuring in a vacuum, it is clear that Enforcer will offer more consistent damage throughout the mission. Not only that, but Enforcer beats out Wild Fragment *even when Wild Fragment has almost a full minute more TEDDY upime).


In almost all cases, Enforcer is going to be the stronger hero for 8-minute defenses. The double TEDDY range is a huge deal. As is his consistent damage.

The difference in uptime despite the damage drop off should not be disregarded, as Wild Fragment is going to have considerable more TEDDY uptime, which is more valuable than DPS in lower defense missions, and in cases in which you want to more efficiently hold down two points at once – e.g soloing missions.

Either way, with enough time to gather fragments, and a bit of luck, Wild Fragment can easily head into a defense with more than 9 charges, at which point makes him competitive in potential damage, though its hard to gauge how effectively Wild Fragment will be able to take advantage of the uptime.

TL;DR / Conclusion

Thanks for reading this way too long comparison, and I hoped it helped give some perspective on both Wild Fragment's and Enforcer's damage potential given ideal (albeit unrealistic) scenarios. My personal opinion is that while Enforcer is still the TEDDY king, with much more reliable and consistent damage, Wild Fragment is a strong hero as well, and valuable, particularly in defense missions with a lot of downtime (Retrieve the Data, Repair the Shelter, Evacuate the Shelter).

Note: If you see any mistakes in this post, please correct me, and feel free to give your thoughts and opinions on Wild Fragment and how you've found him to be used best. I do not claim to be the authority on either heroes or theory crafting, and welcome any constructive criticism / discussion. Thanks!

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