EPIC favours PC players over Console players (3.2 fiasco)

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I sent in a ticket almost a week ago requesting a refund just like everybody else here who's tired of EPIC's lack of care for the STW community. The DIFFERENCE is that I did not want my money back, I was more than happy with just getting it back as V-bucks so I could spend it on Battle Royale, which I am enjoying.

They had the entire re-roll come out and that killed a big amount of the community. There's also a ton of broken nocturnos going around which is just completely ruining the entire experience for most people. So I thought my refund would be justified. EPIC basically had put RNG on top of the RNG that was already there.

  • After waiting around 7 days for a message essentially saying "We'll get a billing agent to contact you for your refund request"

  • Another 7 or so days pass and I get this email after waiting for the "billing agent".

    TLDR: If you're on PS4, don't expect a refund (via cash or V-bucks) just because you purchased the game via PS4.

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