Epic Games removing icons from Fortnite Companion App

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Im going to copy-paste what gnejs said, so im sure you understand what happened.

It all started when I compiled and sent another list of vBucks scam Apps to the Epic Legal team in order to help them remove these Apps from the App Stores. I’ve done this several times before and I was instructed to do so by Epic staff, if I wanted to help out the Community. This time however, the regular person at the legal staff didn’t receive my e-mail, instead someone I have not seen before got the e-mail. His response was that he would remove my Companion Apps as well.

I’m not sure why the sudden change, after 1 year of having the App, but according to him and the policy, any website or App that has Ads and uses any kind of image from the game, even one icon, is in violation of the policy and should be taken down. Even though this would mean that every single one of the major Community Fortnite sites and Apps would have to be taken down.

The legal representative didn’t seem to care much about the major differences in content use, e.g. using a vBucks icon as a supportive element when describing the price of something, compared to monetizing an App that only shows emote videos.

Neither did he seem very interested in the fact that all the other community sites and apps are in violation of said policy.


For some reason this was the thanks that you get from Epic when you try to help them and the Fortnite Community by reporting Apps that are scamming players and hurting the Fortnite brand.

I tried to get some Epic staff that I’ve talked to before into the conversation for some reasonable back-up since this interpretation would be devastating to the community. If this was to be enforced as described and as it is being enforced towards the Companion App, then there would be no community developer sites or Apps left. None of the other Epic staff cared to join the discussion. Hopefully they were on vacation or just very busy and they’ll have time to stand up for the community soon.

My respect and trust for Epic is currently zero.

You can view the entire conversation here, since the policy being discussed is public, and all personal information has been censored with red, there should be no issue posting it in public form: [email protected]

Have a great day, cheers!

EDIT:Im not the owner of the companion app, just copy pasted what the developer said.

EDIT2: u/gnejs1986 i think its the owner, give him some love.

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