Epic Games, the Founders Packs need a change!

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Epic Games, the Founders Packs need a change!

Many of us have bought the Founder’s packs. Earlier, these items from the Founder’s packs were mediocre (and some were pretty decent). They weren’t bad, and most were better than a lot of base game weapons. The heroes follow the same pattern. Now these items are underpowered. We need some changes. I came up with many changes that could be done to improve. These are just suggestions, it doesn’t mean these should be exactly added without any twists.


The current heroes are just boring re-skins. Especially after the hero rework, there is no purpose of using two. Here are some changes that could be made.

All heroes (not just these) would be resettable after these are added. If Epic does not want to do this, they can just make only these ones resettable


Lotus Gladiator Ken — Wind and Storm (basically like Assassination but Sword Attack Speed and Movement Speed instead)

Lotus Samurai Sarah — Praying Mantis (Increases Jump Height of Mantis Leap)

(Both ninjas have Kunai Storm, Dragon Slash, Smoke Bomb)


HyperBASE Penny — Safety Protocols (Increases BASE Armor)

Power Decoy Kyle — You’re Coming With Me (Decoy Radius)


Power Turret Kyle — ROSIE Cooldown

(Both Constructors have Decoy, Bull Rush, Plasma Pulse)


Warpaint Jonesy — Suggestions in comments!

Rose Ramirez — Kneecapper (Increases Suppressive Fire vulnerability)

(Both soldiers have War Cry, Frag Grenades, Goin Commando)


Llama Scout AC — Diamond Llama (Increases mats given, Ores dropped, and crystals are now dropped)

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Recon Expert Jess — Deep in the Zone (In the Zone increases movement speed, armor, and additional pickaxe damage)

(Both Outlanders have Phase Shift, TEDDY, Shock Tower)

Team Perk

If you purchase the Ultimate Edition, you get a special Team Perk. It is something that works for all heroes.


Founder’s Drumroll

Increased Impact Base Crit Chance increased from 10% to 15% 6th perk is changed to same one as Pain Train Weapon perk options same as Candy Corn LMG


Founder’s Quickshot

Increased Range + Accuracy Base Crit Damage increased from 50% to 75% Base Crit Chance changed to 15% Decreased fire rate (slightly) but increased damage, because 6th perk changed to each shot increases fire rate

Founder’s Blazing Masasume

This one is actually fine currently, but slight changes can be made Increased damage (slightly) since it is locked to fire

Founder’s Deconstructor

New 6th Perk Each elimination increases trap reload speed for 12 seconds. Has a limit to max stacks. Stacks reset on reload Increased Crit rating to 20%


Increased headshot damage Bullet Chain 6th Perk “Dmg to afflicted” perk option replaced by an additional headshot damage option The Nocturno is currently way too underpowered for its current price. This would make it a top tier weapon.

Founder’s Chat Compensation / Replacement

Many players upgraded to the Super Deluxe pack or beyond for the “Founder’s Chat”, which was a lie, because it was disabled a while ago and still is. We need Compensation or a replacement for it. This is my suggestion:

Super Deluxe Pack: 3 Hero Recruitment Vouchers

Limited Edition: +1 additional Hero Recruitment Voucher

Ultimate: +1 additional Hero Recruitment Voucher


The Jill and Idris Epic rarity defenders aren’t very good because… they’re Epic … and especially with the higher level Twine Peaks missions they aren’t very usable. We should have them as legendary rarity, and they should have one more perk than a traditional legendary, to make them special.

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Founder’s Daily Rewards

The daily upgrade llamas for Founders is good, but the Founder’s Llamas are pointless. The Founder’s Llamas should be replaced. People who already opened these would be given the same rewards as those getting new ones.


The Founder’s items are outdated and need to be changed. The heroes should not be re-skins, the schematics should be more unique and better. The other items need to be upgraded. And we need compensation for the Founders Chat.

Please Epic, if you could make some changes it would be awesome!

also sorry mods, can’t flair both discussion and suggestion

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