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Without going into too much details, Epic Games has stalled my refund that has already been agreed upon and was supposedly processed SIX weeks ago. I have checked every week since then to make sure they had all the correct information and they kept reassuring me that it has been processed and there were no issues. In BOLD letters they stated It will take up to THREE weeks to process the refund. I alerted them to the delay at week four and they said "It is out of our hands now and you must contact Paypal directly". Contacted Paypal, only to be told there is no processing refund from Epic Games and I should request a Transaction ID for proof.

Needless to say, I contacted Epic Games Support again, asking for the Transaction ID for my refund. I get a response basically saying whoops, after looking through your transaction we found a mistake that prevented your refund from processing, we have re-initiated the process. Again, I quickly sent them a reply saying, okay, please give me the new Transaction ID for the new refund. I was met with something along the lines of please make a new ticket for further questions on the matter.


This is a long back and forth game and at this point it seems they just don't want to pay up. I find it EXTREMELY frustrating that they told me everything is fine and dandy only to tell me WHOOPS there was a mistake and still not send me the transaction ID. I know other people had no issues with their refunds but I don't know wtf they're doing with mine and why they're giving me a hard time.

Now, the money isn't as much an issue as much as the deceit and feeling of being strung along on and endless loop. I just want this to be over with so I don't have to keep checking up on this.

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