Epic Games User Experience Testing & Official Surveys

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Hey folks!

I’m Ben, the User Experience Lead at Epic Games. My team helps to research the experience y’all are having when playing all of our games and we have been working with devs on Fortnite Save the World since it was early in development. The research takes many forms, but there are two methods I would like to talk about today specifically:


We regularly send out surveys and we know that folks here are getting them because we see the posts here saying that they are fake and ways for people to steal your data! It is great that you are being cautious, keep that up. But, also keep an eye out for official communications from Epic, that is us and we want to hear from you. In fact, if you are an alpha player you have probably seen many of our surveys over the years! The feedback we have collected over that time been really valuable and we always want more.

Now, we know that our surveys are sometimes very long. That is because we really want to know what you think and we want honest answers. We want the brutal truth. We also ask about a wide range of topics (often across multiple different surveys), some of which may be weird or not seem relevant, but in all cases your feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

To talk about our process a bit more, when we send out surveys we send them to a representative sample. That means that not everyone will get a survey. Don't worry though, over time we try to make sure that everyone gets a chance to give us feedback.


Also when you do get a survey please know that the link you have been provided is handcrafted just for you. That means please don't share the link with anyone else or we will have to exclude your responses from the survey, which sucks for you and us.

In summary keep and eye out for our valid surveys (stay skeptical folks), let people know a survey is out, tell them to check their inboxes and spam folders, but don't share your link!

User Experience Testing

One of our other approaches is to bring folks that are local to us in North Carolina into our HQ to give us feedback in person. Again, this is something we have been doing with Save the World for years. This may involve playing or seeing something that is unreleased or playing the current version and giving feedback on that.

If you are interested in taking part, and live within 50 miles of Raleigh (sorry, but that is a hard requirement), you can sign up to participate here:

Please also get your family and friends to sign up as well, even if they don't play Fortnite or play games in general. We need a wide range of people and we do compensate people for their time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and GL HF!


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