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With this latest patch coming up and all of the QOL improvements that have been rolled out, you guys are creating an even better game. I've been playing and supporting you all since october. Many people say you don't give STW love, but maybe they just don't understand because they haven't been through as many changes as older players. Jeez you took off the use of energy when we run, you made us a hoverboard to move around faster, you brought storage to the main menu, you made the perk recombobulator, made outlanders a bit more useful without having to pick up charges, gave us new skins (even if most were jonsey), gave us cool events such as christmas and Halloween, lowered some llama prices and compensated for the price difference, bringing a new report system that hopefully works, and so much more. All of this for free. You didn't have to pay a single penny unless of course you bought llamas but even then, compensated.


I'm not saying Epic did this all at once, but they understand and listen to our feedback. We all rush devs and many seem to never listen to the community, but Epic always seems to be listening. I played destiny for so long and always defended their devs, but they always made me look stupid whereas Epic, I have so much faith in them. So much trust because they do listen and continually show it. Yes many people say STW is being left behind for BR, but how can you say that if after every update, the game is becoming better?

Maybe the people complaining aren't old enough players to understand the change that had been made. Just tryna say, EPIC you the best. Thanks for an amazing game. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.

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