Epic, I beg you. No more overcomplicated horde events.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Epic, I beg you. No more overcomplicated horde events.

Horde modes are great. I think so, at least. I like brainlessly throwing myself at a neverending tide of foes, seeing how long I can hold the line. Co-op horde modes are even better. I don't even mind having some extra caveats thrown in, like having to defend multiple point or a mobile base. Hell, Killing Floor 2 is basically Horde Mode: the Game, and I eat that shit up.

However, I have not had fun with a single one of the fortnite Horde Mode events. Whatever it's called, be it Challenge the Horde, Survive the Storm, or this year's Frostnite. Why? Several reasons. Every one of these events has too many elements in play and thus becomes an overcomplicated mess.

Let's break down Frostnite, just for example. You defend a constantly decaying objective and you need to search the map for Bluglo to keep it replenished. However, you also are restricted to using resources you find in the map to craft defenses and weapons. The map also has a limited area, if it expands it seems to do so very slowly. You have about two minutes between waves to do these two things.

So in two minutes between waves, you have to scavenge for materials, scavenge for bluglo, build defenses, and either scavenge for weapons or craft weapons, potentially wasting precious resources you could be using to defend the objective to have a decent weapon. Obviously, yes, this is a mode intended for 4 people to play, but I can't find teammates, which speaks to me that this mode isn't very popular with anyone else, either. There's also another matter to take into consideration: Randos in this game are supremely unreliable. You're lucky if you can go two missions in a row without getting at least one AFK on your team, or a griefer, if you're particularly unlucky. I can't speak to if these gimmicks make the mode far too complicated for even a four-man team, I might try LFG and see if I can get a full team of folks together. However, given how difficult it is to find a match, I'd imagine that to be the case.

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Every other event I've played has had this same problem. Challenge the horde was actually so bad with overcomplication that it lead me to ragequitting the game for nearly 6 months. Survive the Storm is almost unplayable at longer lengths due to how many objectives you're supposed to defend, and Challenge the Horde simply doesn't give you enough resources or time to efficiently deal with the challenges facing you. Yes, I "beat" at least one round of each of these modes, (Including the 4 hour mode on Survive the storm, holy shit that was a long session) but I can't recall ever having FUN doing so. And that's the problem. All of these modes have always been DOABLE, but they're always very stressful. You always feel like you're on the breaking point of your defense, and while that's fun for brief periods of time, (You know, those moments when you're almost fu*king sure you're about to kick the bucket and the mission will be fu*ked but you manage to pull through by the skin of your teeth) that's not a great sensation to have for an extended period of time. Frostnite would be perfectly enjoyable if either I could use my available equipment or if the objective didn't decay and all I had to worry about was building up the base and finding mats for weapons and traps. You could argue that yes, it would be less challenging, but I don't enjoy horde modes where I'm constantly teetering on the edge from minute one. Killing floor 2 doesn't do that. Gears of War Horde mode doesn't do that. Even the most ubiquitous of horde modes, CoD zombies, knows when to give you breathing room.

It's fine if you enjoy constantly being on edge, but the message I'm getting from the lack of teammates on Fortnitemares is that this method of design isn't super popular. In fact, if you disagree with anything I've said, please explain your point of view to me, I'm super open to discussion. Just don't give me "Lol git good". Ain't productive.

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