Epic if you nerf a weapon give us back our resources.

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So the snow ball launcher and the egg launcher were nerfed in the latest patch, but there is no mention of that in the patch notes. Those two weapons now loose their durability 3x faster if I'm not mistaken. Did Epic think nobody would notice this big of a change?

I'm disappointed really not because of the nerf but because you guys had to do it without telling us about it. Also what about the resources I had into the snowball launcher already? This is a huge change which makes the weapon basically useless compared to the rest of explosive weapons.

TLDR. Please, next time you Nerf a hero or a weapon reset the schematic to lvl 1 and give us our resources back.

Edit: Magyst responded to another thread about this same topic. I will link his comment here


Hey everyone, just wanted to give some clarification around the changes to the Snowball and Easter Egg Launchers. Before v5.30 these launchers were using an incorrect durability setting that was far too high for an explosive weapon, allowing them to be fired hundreds of times before breaking. An incomplete version of a fix to this issue was released in patch v5.30, which resulted in the durability being consumed too quickly, and the change being missed in our patch notes. In v5.40 the durability consumption should be set correctly, resulting in the lifespan of the weapon being about three times longer than it is in v5.30. In addition, we are buffing the normal Grenade Launcher to match. I definitely apologize for the confusion around this.

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