Epic is slowly killing their own game. I’m done. One very longrant on Epic.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Epic is slowly killing their own game. I’m done. One very longrant on Epic.

Seriously? Seriously Epic?

I have been trying to keep it calm lately with things like the ability tab switch up and Xbox performance, but I’ve lost it!

Today I tried to play Twine SSD 8. Fun right! Only takes a good half hour- 45 mins of nonstop lag and someone who’s playing on Xbox HELPING ME saying “what’s happening? All I do is keep teleporting around the map?” Or even better “is the wave over yet?”

Isn’t that great! Some kid gets money for his birthday and sees that this “Save the World” game is 50% off. He really wants to try it because Battle Royale is his favorite game, so he asks his mom and spends his birthday money to buy it. Except he has an Xbox. He runs around constantly lagging and has no idea what’s going on. He’s confused why Epic would make a game act like this. He goes over and cries to his mom because he just spend all of his birthday money on an unplayable game. Save the World on Xbox is basically a SCAM at this point. It takes your money, and just makes you play through hours of misery! Nope totally fun, instead of fixing performance issues we’re going to add another frostnite challenge that everyone is burnt out off and a super cool looking hero that will require you to grind gold for 2 hours because it may be the best hero in the game after the hero rework! Fun!


So back to my story on the SSD. Everyone’s favorite mission! I spend hours of time building it up, watching videos and tutorials on how to make the just right monster sized build, and get some people in the game from the fortnite discord! So I play for about half an hour standing still as my traps do all the work, and I’m concerned because I think to myself “ever since the trap durability changes to SSD, I’m going to have to spend so much time replacing all my traps. And then it happens. I went to go do something and I don’t remember what, but a lobber throws her thing at me, and SETS PROPANE OFF. NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS EPIC. I ended up losing the mission halfway in because of this. A brand new change just introduced in 7.4! I just saw David Dean made a video about this change while I was writing this.

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Oh and yes, it is super super super important that we get a hero rework out instead of putting in things that the community has been asking for for months now, like a home base editor!!! I’m sure that the people on Xbox will have so much fun playing the hero rework … oh wait!

It wasn’t a “bug”, there’s no way that an obvious bug could have been unseen by you for that long. Or maybe it was considering the complete s*** show of a game you have going on right now.

And may I add because of your awful change to trap durability, I will spend hours running around using anti material charge to get ready for my next storm shield defense. Making traps constantly, and don’t forget epic, there will BE MORE BUGS WHILE I’M FARMING!!!

Thank you if you read this long post. I really hope we can spread the word for this. If you have anything to add, comment it down below and I may add it.

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