Epic isn’ t the only one to blame if the game is boring

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Epic isn' t the only one to blame if the game is boring

(This was a comment on a post, some told me I should post it, so here I am, this way it may get more attention :>)

In my opinion this game is ruined by players that only wants to win and nothing else. Let me elaborate.

Everyone that played season 4 missed those days, where they would add fun items, etc. (I didn' t play back then), but if you really look back, people were as terrible as bots now, the pros back then would do random shit like trolling temmates. Now even terrible players can build.

Chapter 2 is here, there is everything the community ""asked"" for seasons, a more balanced fortnite with a better map. At first this loot pool for me was amazing, I could have fun with few items and tried ones I' ve never tried. Now it' s getting stale.

You can' t blame it all on Epic for this, the community wanted it, season x has been that, people complaining and get toxic saying how the game "isn' t competitive", how "You don' t need skill to win a match now". Now that the game is competitive enough, you have to have skills to win the game, everyone complains how the game is a sweatfest now. The community wanted this, without knowing what they were really going for.

As a player who haven' t played in s4/5, I did some research to see the weapons added, and I saw some… pretty broken ones: drum gun and LMG are the ones I remember now. Season 5 then has been a spray meta apparently. How is now everyone missing it, I heard people complained about it.. uuh alright?


Season X had mechs and that turbo building nerf, they were terrible. But the rest (IMO) was really fun and good! Junk rift were fun as hell, zappers were really original, the rift zones were cool (except moisty and greasy lol), but people complained. Why? It wasn' t competitive enough.

See what I mean by this? People thought they wanted a balanced fortnite, but now that they lost all that "quirkiness" the game had, they miss it. Nobody knew where they were going with that, and now everyone pays the consequences of months of toxic complaints.

Lastly: I agree, forced crossplay shouldn' t be a thing, and SBMM is flawed, but if you look better into these complaints compared to the ones in season x (for example), you see people here complaining because they can' t have fun and can' t do random crap, while on season x everyone complained not because it wasn' t fun, but because "it requires no skill to use it, remove it". See the difference?

I love chapter 2, it' s the one I had most fun and improvements. But now it' s getting stale, and it' s not only Epic' s fault, but in grand part it' s the community' s fault as well. That' s how I see it anyway, you can have a different opinion.

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