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Rio is great, her perks make her feel like a variant of Urban Assault with the 50% Rate of Fire boost and Kneecapper, except she also has War Cry, which is amazing.

But could you guys PLEASE change her "First Assault" perk? To what you ask? What your patch notes say – "The First Shot after reloading…" Not "The first Shot from an ASSAULT RIFLE…"

Why? Picture this, if you will – Rio with the new Flintlock Sniper Rifle, 1 shot, empties her Magazine, causing enhanced reload speed, plus a Crit. Talk about the Sniper Hero we have been begging for. Please for the love of all that is holy, give her Guaranteed Crit to all Ranged Weapons after reloading, don't handicap another potential awesome Sniper.

Edit: This has caused a bit of debate, and I would like to go further in detail with my thoughts, though I believe u/Kurokono-xiii summed it up quite well with:

"I personally agree that this perk should be usable on other ranged weapon types as well (explosive weapons excluded).

I do also see why people have come to believe that it working on other ranged weapons would be considered "OP", however there are certain things that do negatively effect any gun/ the character herself if you play focusing on this perk (working on almost all ranged weapons).

Firstly, in regards to the Betsy. If you use these two together you can always have a guaranteed crit when you shoot, sounds "OP" right? But remember that there is a base 2.7 second reload even with reload perks (weapon and hero) it still translates to a very slow fire rate, similar to the Bald Eagle.

Secondly is the fact that if this perk is used alongside old betsy both of the fire rate perks will be rendered useless. I would say that temporarily losing access to two damage increasing perks is a good tradeoff for a guaranteed crit on a very slow firing weapon, wouldn't you?


Lastly is how it eould work on other weapons. Now people would argue that you could get an extra crit damage perk making the weapon with the crit damage perks "OP", but lets remeber that in doing so every single other bullet has their crit rate cut to 1/3 the usual value (rough estimate). That means all other bullets are way less likely to crit, bringing your potential dps down by quite some margin. Even if the gun has a low magazine count this still holds true, unless I guess the gun has 2-3 magazine capacity in which case dps is sbout the same.

These are just my thoughts on the matter however, please feel free to convey your own thoughts and opinions on this particular topic."

But a lot of people say this would make weapons like Ol' Betsy OP, which it would and it wouldn't, which means it's balanced. Here is why:

To make Ol' Betsy "OP" with this perk would require taking all available Crit Chance perks, and Rolling them Crit Damage, now this would indeed make her individual shots quite strong, but keep in mind, this makes the weapon useless for other heroes/builds – No other weapon has that trade-off.

Furthermore, lets say Epic did change it like many of us would like, if I'm using Ol' Betsy with her slow fire rate, do you really think I'm going to kill nearly as many husks as the UAH standing 2 feet away with a Siegebreaker? No way.

This would allow me to play the role of a sniper however – Taking out the mid/large targets – Huskies, Smashers, Blasters, etc. while allowing for the crit to cull the Lobbers quickly without requiring a headshot on the most mobile targets in the game – lets face it, they never stand still.

This wouldn't be OP as it would require focused perks designated solely for one hero, which would render the weapon useless in the hands of others. To say this is OP is like saying Crit Damage swords on Swordmaster Ken, with Deadly Blade/Harvester Sarah in Support is OP – And lets face it, its far from it.

The game lacks a Sniper – Let us have one. And before you rush in and say there is an Outlander Sniper – She's better with a Pistol or AR for the stream of headshots that give her crazy fast reload speeds.

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