Epic, please consider changing hero crit rating back to crit chance

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Warning: long post, and since most people don't play raider I don't expect support. This applies to rangers too and harvester to some extent.

Before I start, I need to acknowledge that Reddit is not friendly to the minority, and seeing as a large chunk of this sub are UAH mains, who are probably thrilled with the update, I am ready for the all the apologists to show up and explain how op crit was and how everyone "abused" crit because it was so easy to get and what not. For the record, I agree that crit + crit dmg shouldn't be the best combination for everyone, but it should be the optimal build for CRIT-ORIENTED heroes.

Let's just take a raider for example. In the past, a double raider set up gave a shotgun +20% crit chance, which gave the gun at least 25-30% base crit chance based on the weapon's innate crit. If you had one blue crit chance perk on the weapon-just one-you would now have 46-51% crit chance.

Current weapons have 5% more crit chance, but now the raider's crit bonus is crit rating. To really make things worse, you only have two slots on a weapon that you can stack crit on, so you can choose between double crit rating, double crit damage, or one crit rating and one crit damage.

I am of the opinion that hitting crits more consistently is more important than having larger crits. Because if you constantly find yourself needing to waste two shots on a husky husk or even a normal husk, that crit damage is basically a waste until you find a big target like a smasher. Even then you probably want more than 30-35% crit chance, which is what the base crit chance is with a double raider set up and the "buffed" weapons.

Now let's look at two crit rating perks. Since raider gives shotguns 70% more crit damage, two crit rating would definitely fit my personal philosophy of more crit chance > crit damage. But sadly, this is not worth it at all.

Two maxed out crit rating perks (30 each) + one raider support (18 critical rating) gives us 78 critical rating which amounts to 45.5% crit chance. To put this into perspective, since raider in the past gave a flat 20% crit chance, if we took 20% away from this value, then those two maxed out perks gives and effective 25.5% crit chance thanks to the ridiculous rate of diminishing returns. Two maxed out perks, worth less than one single legendary crit roll.

So now let's look at the most viable but still disheartening build. One crit rating + one crit damage.

Maxed out, this is 30 bonus critical rating (48 total) and 135% crit damage. Ok the crit damage is pretty solid. But what about the crit?


48 critical rating leads to 36.5% crit chance. It's worth noting that 30 critical rating by itself gives 28% percent crit chance, so one orange crit perk. However, thanks to diminishing returns, when we add our raider support, which used to be a flat 20% crit chance, it only gives 8.5% more. 8.5 from 20. And before anyone goes "ok but it gives the full twenty by itself" yes but by itself it's a pretty mediocre buff. Anyone who ran a shotgun with no crit perks and only the raider support slot (as I have) knows how lackluster it is. Crit is not strong unless you can stack it. Raider is a crit-oriented hero, and now they've nerfed crit into the ground. At the very least they should've left hero crit alone, it was crit perks on weapons that were strong (eg. 2 legendary crit chance perks + 2 rare crit damage perks) which most people did not even have.

And though this part annoys me most, now I do have to explain to all the people who will come and whine about why raider and ranger (and even harvester) were not OP before (as they have on many of the posts lamenting these changes).

Yes raider's with the right shotties could pop things fast. At close range. Try shooting a smasher from 3 tiles away with a stampede or tigerjaw-good luck! The range of shotguns was always the class' biggest weakness. That and being restricted to shotgun ammo (which you can only hold 1000 of) makes it really undesirable to spam auto shotties (and also because you couldn't take advantage of the reload movespeed buff as often).

You also needed two of them to make it work. Now the second one gives an effective 8.5% crit chance. Thanks!

As for ranger, the class has no debilitating stacks. Ranger's teddy has no buffs, so his waveclear/aoe is pretty trash unless you want to use a Tiny instrument or freedom's herald which are both pretty awkward. Ranger's synergy with crit was the only thing that made his damage viable with soldiers (since he doesn't really do outlander things that well). Now his innate crit gives him an effective 8.5% crit chance or less.

And harvester…lol. Do I have to explain why melee doesn't need nerfs? Yes I probably do. But I believe in show not tell. Go dive into a swarm of bees/lobber poison and blasters and write me back about your experience. Oh and uh, laser scythes don't roll element anymore so better sharpen up that elegant scythe.

tl:dr The 20% crit chance bonus of many hero classes has been essentially reduced to 8.5% by this patch. Heroes with innate crit should keep their crit as a flat bonus, not as critical rating. It was crit on weapons that was op, not on heroes. The heroes with crit all have clearly defined weaknesses.

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