EPIC, Please do a purge of all credit card info on accounts

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There seems to be a lack of internal security with all the recent account thefts and 100s of dollars being spent. Why is there no flag system to put suddenly large transactions on hold until the email linked to the account approves the transaction?

When an account suddenly spends 800 Euros ($987.86 USD) or another one spends 1200 GBP ($1662.52 USD), or another one suddenly spends $644 USD….why is there no internal flag on that?

In the past month I can count over 10 posts on this reddit alone talking about how people have had their accounts hacked and had 100s of dollars spent. In fact, over $4,816 USD have been stolen from players most of which has been refunded.

One player from France woke up to an email saying that he spent 200 Euros on RUSSIAN COPIES.

EPIC has already passed the buck by saying that players need to stop sharing passwords and stop reusing passwords. But that was not even a posted bulletin where players can see.


EPIC just purge the saved cards from accounts of fortnite. It is that simple. Purge and put out a notice that informs the players that the purge was done due to growing account theft and fraudulent charges from stolen accounts. This will make a good bit of player change their password at the same time. Account theft will drop fairly rapid as thieves will learn that most accounts for STW no longer have payment info attached to them anymore.

And after that is all done, why not work up a system to flag rapid, large, or suspicious transactions to require approval from the accounts email before processing? Because spending 1600 USD in under an hour on this game should really raise a lot of questions and red flags.

EDIT: Forgot the G for GBP

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