Epic, Please help! Account compromised £120 taken.

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On Sunday 4th March I came home to an email from epic games giving me a receipt for my fortnite account stating that I had purchased an account upgrade to the limited edition which was £119.99.

The only time I have put money onto this game was for the battle royal season passes so this was a huge shock to me, I instantly emailed support and proceeded to look online to see if others had anything like this done to them also, turns out they have! People had been saying that people do this to sell the friend game copies which is what exactly has happened to me! I logged on to fortnite to see that I did not have any friends codes etc, I also have two guys still on my friends list that I do not even know and I'm guessing they were the people that had bought the codes from the guy that had hacked my account.


I messaged an epic community coordinator on here and they was very helpful and got epic to respond to my ticket which I am very grateful for, I was told that a "billing agent" would contact me ASAP, that was two days ago on the 5th March. I have never had this done to me before and do not understand how this process works.

The money that was taken from me was to put towards a bill and is needed urgently, maybe I am being a little inpatient but I have heard that they take a long time to sort this out and was recommended to try posting it here on reddit.

I know I can just contact paypal and file a dispute but I have seen multiple people say that my account will be banned if I go down that route.

This post is just to try to get some help and maybe someone that has had this done to them can tell me how long it has taken to get there situation resolved, thanks for any help in advanced.

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