Epic, please pretend this is … ‘the other mode’ & fix STW. We love the game & want it to succeed.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Epic, please pretend this is ... 'the other mode' & fix STW. We love the game & want it to succeed.

This 88 (4x) Bomb mission has awesome rewards, but it is unplayable. I'm hard-wired on XB1 and this game is a laggy mess.

Frozen in place for 30 seconds, getting attacked the whole time then, unfrozen just in time to die.

Teleporting mini-bosses destroying the base.

And your cheap, little, " go-to" to make the game sweatier: Exploding Deathbursts. Forget about building anything, when this is on … it's getting destroyed.

Oh, but Deathbursts almost always have another "-Burst" modifier to double-down the nonsense (i.e. Frenzy or Healing).

Fine. This is all, well & good. Right? It's a challenge.

What's wrong? These freaking Burst Modifiers, lag the game to hell. Then double-down, on them … Unplayable.

Come on. Please take some consideration with this mode. You guys were on a roll updating quality of life in this mode for a while. Now … radio silent. The 'other mode', gets fixes …. the same day. Come on.

Before all of the little, White Knights come out to Epic's defense … No, they're not going to hire you / give you free V-Bucks because you're kissing their a$$ on here.

I, like many others, have invested a lot of time & money into your game. We want this game to succeed & have long-term playability.

Please, check into your STW server issues. There are so many posts on here about the servers on here. Some of which, are getting removed.

Any kind of acknowledgement, from Epic, on this issue, would be greatly appreciated.

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