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Every update is bringing us new hero subclasses, new mythics, new weapons, new skins, new missions, and new voice overs.

Yet it's taken away again just as quickly. I mean the Tiger assault rifle was available for one week – what's the point, honestly?

Meanwhile we have people constantly complaining that StW doesn't get enough dev attention. We get plenty of content regularly – they just don't let us keep any of it.

Looking purely at the assault rifle category, I count 8 legendary assault rifles obtainable by any player at any point in time.

Meanwhile there are 12 legendary assault rifles that are only available in timed exclusive events.

There are more assault rifles in the game that are unobtainable to new players than there are obtainable



  • Siegebreaker

  • Razorblade

  • Trooper

  • Terminator

  • Hunter-Killer

  • Hammercrush

  • Deathstalker

  • Deathray

Timed exclusive:

  • Dragon's Roar

  • Grave Digger

  • Hydra

  • Nailer

  • Argon Assault Rifle

  • Mercury LMG

  • Buzzcut

  • Vacuum Tube Rifle

  • Vindertech Pulsar

  • Silenced Specter

  • HackSAW

  • Tiger

I suppose some folks are thinking, "but it'll come around again in the future!"

Sure – when? Let's be honest here, how much time does the average player give a game before they burn out and move on to something else?


It's great if you're still enjoying the game after one year but players like that are very much in the 1%.

But the current state of the game is that some of the best classes in the game are simply out of reach for a new player starting today.

How demoralizing is that?

Heavy Base looks awesome! …can't get it.

Machinist seems powerful! …can't get it.

Whoa Gunblazer can drop ammo from the llama? …can't get it.

Once this event goes away not only will some of the best weapons in the game disappear, but all the silenced weapons.

An entire game mechanic coded, implemented, and tested just to remove it again later. Why even bother?

How about that neon sniper rifle that lets you shoot through walls? An entire game mechanic for one weapon that is no longer available for purchase.

You can lock defenders inside a T3 metal cube where they can't move or be attacked and they can shoot out at enemies

Isn't that just a little powerful and interesting to just remove from the game for new players or anyone who missed it?

Even entire game modes like horde bash and survive the storm are dangled in front of us for a limited time and then yanked away.

Imagine how much content save the world would have right now if everything that was added to the game was left there permanently instead of pulled again after 1-3 months?

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