EPIC: “Public farming” should require successful mission.

Fortnite battle royale fortnite sniper 1920x1080 f072fcef414cbe680e369a16a8d059d8a01c7636 1024x576 - EPIC: "Public farming" should require successful mission.

If players want to just farm a zone, force them into a private match by making a public match a gamble.

Players can still farm a zone in private leave with all resources farmed whenever without having to finish the mission. But if they choose to farm in public matches, they better be ready to contribute to the objective or lose all their effort if the mission fails.

These players who just want to farm are seen in all levels and now we are seeing the super low level players getting "taxi'd" to significantly higher level missions in public and just left there.

Ask yourself this: Q: Why would a player who just wants to farm choose a public match instead of private?

It's simple… A: They want the possibility that the other players will do the mission and they would get the mission rewards without effort on top of all the resources they've gathered. If the missions fails, oh well, they still get all the resources they would've gotten in a private match.

Where's the risk? It is literally WIN-WIN for these players. They win because they have all the resources they farmed and they win again when they leech the mission rewards.

With this suggestion, they can still get all the resources they want but now they're not harming players who are focusing on the mission. The low level players asking to be "taxi'd" to Canny or Twine will now have to request a private match because all their farming effort will go to waste since they definitely won't be able to complete the mission on their own.


Now there are 2 groups of players that would complain about this: 1) Players who can no longer farm AND leech mission rewards. (EPIC can just ignore these id*ots who would admit to leeching by complaining). 2) Player who actually try, full effort, to complete the mission but fail. (And to them I'd say I'm sorry. It's happened to me. Figure out what went wrong and try again.)

Group #2 is a very small price to pay for the ENORMOUS benefit this restriction would bring to the community.

EPIC, this doesn't touch the issue of "griefers" and "AFKers" but this suggestion will allow for 1 less population of problem players to be removed from reports. It is a simple fix that will help you and us.

Moral of the story: Straight up farming needs to be done in private or risk losing all your farming effort in a public match.

Public matches should be mission oriented.

(P.S. I posted this idea as a comment on another thread but I just wanted to get it out there for more people to see)

Thanks :o)

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