Epic really needs to stop favoring the Soldier class so much.

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1.I'm not complaining about their DPS, that's their thing, sure, but Ninjas are supposed to be fighting classes too. Melee is so, so weak.

2.Collection Book lv 100 reward is a soldier. Raider Raptor, another great soldier. Please give us a rework for the Collection Book.

3.The best Mythic from the original 4 is a soldier. MGR is top tier, see her in Twine all the time and always love it when someone on my team has her. MegaBase is great but HeavyBase is pretty similar and gets the trap bonus, it's like a Megabase V2.0. Swordmaster Ken and Phase Scout Jess are horrible and need a buff for a long time, especially Phase Scout since she relies on getting around the map faster in a game which now has hoverboards and zero-energy running.

4.The only two Mythics they released in the Events are soldiers.. Wukong, Raven.

5.The upcoming new mythic is also probably a Soldier. I'm all hype for Carbide because it looks so cool, but why is the mythic a Soldier again?

6.New soldiers pop up a lot more than other classes. The Energy-focused soldier that was leaked, now Carbide.


7.Soldier abilities are way too good in combat, and none of the other classes come close. Constructor abilities- Bull Rush, Plasma Pulse; and Outlander abilities- TEDDY, Shock Tower- are extremely imbalanced and too damn weak to be counted in damage at all. None of these do a lot of damage in your own and higher PLs, while Warcry, Going Commando, Grenades still get work done, along with Ninja abilities like Dragon Slash. I'm not asking for Warcry on Outlanders, but why on earth is TEDDY so weak compared to Hover Turret?

(EDIT: Soldiers can build and farm like 7/10 compared to Outlanders' 10/10 farming and Constructors' 10/10 building, but Outlanders and Constructors are like 4/10 on combat, that's my point.)

8.Event Store keeps getting Legendary Soldiers only. Rabbit Raider Jonesy, Centurion Wildcat, now Sergeant Jonesy. A Urban Assault reskin was also leaked (the Battle Royale starter pack skin will be reused). All the Constructors and Outlanders come in Weekly store with green/blue rarity at 200 gold. Why can't we get something like Shuriken Master Llamurai again? Why not legendary BASE Kyle, Enforcer skins? Not asking for the strongest like PowerBASE, but Raider sure is top tier isn't it?

9.Jonesy is their go-to for reskins. I'm sick of seeing his stupid smirking face.

10.Soldiers are favored heavily as a class. There are like 3-4 S-Tier soldiers, while all other classes probably have 3-4 usable heroes in all.

Can we PLEASE get some love for other classes?

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