Epic rewards selfish behaviour in a teambased game.

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Epic rewards selfish behaviour in a teambased game.

Not really sure why today of all days, but I decided to write my thoughts on how this game doesn't actually want its players to be teamplayers. I started playing fortnite in september, and ever since the Fortnitemares event all of these event quests have forced players to farm. This leaves one of two options if you do not include farming in private with friends. (we will assume that the only goal people have in their missions is completing these event quests)

  • You farm for your missions solo in private

  • You farm in public lobbies, leaving the mission itself to whoever is unlucky enough to end up with you in their mission.

Both of these options are the opposite of team play, and people have been saying this since fortnitemares yet Epic has not changed a thing.

Leaving the event quests aside, Epic does the same in its core game. Whether you contribute or not, whether you are afk at spawn or trapped and defended a whole base, the rewards at the end will be the same. In fact you could argue that farming and leaving everything mission-wise to your teammates is objectively smarter (although undeniably douchy) because you do not spend anything, gain in-game resources and post-game rewards. There is no penalty whatsoever for this behaviour.


Lastly, how this game is built slowly turns the good apples into people that will gladly screw over others that do not perform as they wish. I myself am guilty of this. If I see my teammates are farming and are unresponsive to any of my requests for help I will just activate the mission with tier 1 walls around it and leave or watch it fail. I am not punished for this behaviour either. And even though you could argue that this is justified when no one else wants to contribute, it is still an awful thing to do.

Epic, you made a teambased game. Please start actively promoting teamplay, rewarding teamplayers and punishing selfish players. Thank you.

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