EPIC, seriously, do you even play your own game?

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - EPIC, seriously, do you even play your own game?

Because it doesnt seem like it.

I mean no disrespect, but if you DID play your own game, you might discover some of these issues listed below.

This list is just SOME of the things that need improving:

Backpack Space & Storage – Can we EARN more or buy more, please? You want us to be excited about leveling up 300 different guns and traps but we cant hold all the stuff that we want to at once. And the material cost for crafting is not cheap. More storage will equal more playing.

Mission Rewards – Harder missions at higher levels must pay out far more rewards. If you want us to spend hundreds of our free hours grinding your game… then PLEASE make it rewarding.

High Twine is dead – Endgame replay-ability is non existent. Please give us a fun reason to keep playing.

SSD Structure Limit – Please, RAISE THE CEILING. This is very counter productive. Especially in Twine.

Vehicles – Can we include Mech Suits and planes and ATVs in STW? Can we have fun please!? Like BR!? Think outside of the box, guys. Please.

A Social Space – Whether you love or hate trading, we should AT LEAST have a social space to meet other players and walk around and show off our stuff and emote together. You know… for fun. We could also interact with Ray and other story characters. So with or without a trading area, we at least need a fun social space.

A NEW WORLD!!! – This game is over two years old. Yet still in "beta". Whatever that means anymore. And in that time…you haven't finished Twine, let alone made a new world or three. We could easily raise our Player Levels in these new worlds and have Tier 6,7, and 8 materials to grind for. But hey, two years later and the lava in Twine still looks like unfinished Atari graphics. Cool.

The Item Shop – LIVEN IT UP!!! BR gets a whole new store EVERY DAY. Can we please have a reason to sign in to Save the World every day!? No matter if we are beginners or endgame max level, there should be some fun incentives to play the game.

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AFK Teammates – Program a post-match grade system. Incentivize kids to actually put in an effort. If any players scores less than 1k in both Building AND Combat, that player gets an F grade. Any player who gets Ten F's in one season is then applicable for being voted on by random teammates in any lobby. A vote to kick option. But it ONLY applies to a player whom has received 10 F's in that current season. Every new season, all players get a fresh score card and record. Also, players getting an A score will receive more rewards.


A Save the World Battle Pass – If this model works so well for BR then bring a similar one to STW. More fun rewards means more reason to play.

Husk Fixes – Smashers: Reduce their charge length to 3 tiles. Flingers and Lobbers : Give them a 5 second cool down after every 3 throws. Exploders (Propane Tanks) : Nerf their damage output to structures in half. And let us pick them up and throw them or make them despawn. Mini Bosses: Traps should damage ALL mini bosses.

Chat Bug – On Xbox the whole character freezes if a player types more than one message on team chat in a match. Pretty terrible bug considering the importance of communication. And this bug has existed for MANY MONTHS.

Evacuate Shelter – Let us LOAD IN FIRST before the shelter fails.

Building – Can we build in hills yet!? And please don't lie to us about Husk pathing. It didnt bother the husks' pathing when they were added to BR.

Modifiers – give us more positive ones, please.

Hit The Road – This mode is very underwhelming. I dont fault you guys for trying new game types, in fact, I applaud that. But again, THE REWARDS HAVE TO BE WORTH THE EFFORT AND TIME!!! These, sadly, are not.

EPIC, honestly, what is the plan here? Do you even want our money and time any more? Or have you checked out due to the success of Battle Royale? Keep in mind, Battle Royale would never have existed if not for the true genesis of Fortnite… that being SAVE THE WORLD. So please, we beg of you, fulfill the potential of your own creation. You have a community here who actually Loves what this game COULD be.

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Please listen to us. Please talk to us.

And since I am a day one player, that makes me one of your unofficial game testers. Yep, that is right; I paid YOU to test YOUR "beta" game for you. So consider this post my honest report on much of what needs improving. 🙂

Thank you and Peace be with you. And thank you to the community who loves what this game could be and keeps voicing their opinions!

Bless you all.

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