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FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Epic should provide more recruitment tickets

Hello everyone, before everything I hope this post does not come out as me asking epic for more free stuff, it is more of how they could provide more and why they should. With that out of the way, prior to the new hero loadout, heroes did not have that much of a synergy between them, and most essential abilities/perks were already available within the base heroes, and even the ones that were not available within the base heroes, with different events you could acquire a reskin that had the same perks and abilities. Moreover, even if you missed out on some event heroes, they were not a necessity for a loadout, and the heroes that the players wanted were limited, to name a few they were Heavy Base Kyle and Field Agent Rio (sorry if I missed more, but the point that I am trying to make is that the number of unavailable heroes that people wanted was limited).

How was the distribution of recruitment tickets supposed to go?

Recruitment tickets should have been acquired through leveling up the account level, that way all players, be it new or old, get 7 recruitment tickets after reaching level 310. I thought of this idea because of the following.

  1. Low level players are the ones that are in need of and are missing most of the event heroes, 2 tickets are very limiting, considering a full loadout includes 6 heroes, 7 if the loadout needs a specific team perk.
  2. Players that have managed to reach level 310 might already have most of the event heroes already, so I am not sure how they should get 7 but new ones only 2.
  3. Before the hero loadout I was level 307, after the patch I managed to get to level 310 and I feel by missing that one extra recruitment ticket I have missed out on a lot, so I cannot imagine how it must feel for those that missed more. If it was based on leveling up, I would have gotten the last recruitment ticket even though I got to level 310 after the patch.
  4. Players that buy the game after the rework, can still manage to get the 7 heroes that they want the most, by gradually leveling up.

Why are 2-7 recruitment tickets not enough?

The new hero loadout rework has made it more important than every to focus on synergy, and missing out on one hero might mean a certain loadout might not work at all, or missing one mythic hero might mean you could have all the needed 6 heroes for a certain loadout, but missing out on the team perk provided by that specific mythic hero that you do not even need to equip means that your loadout might not work.
Moreover, with only 2-7 recruitment tickets, it is very difficult to decide on which heroes to recruit. For instance, players that do not have all/most of the event heroes have these choices to make:

  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on a loadout that is closest to your favourite character prior to the rework?
  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on a loadout that gives you a fun play style?
  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on experimenting on a loadout?
  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on acquiring all available team perks (good luck with that if you have 2 tickets)
  • Reskins are no longer a thing (with the exception of very few heroes), meaning missing on a hero now means missing out on a lot, because once again, the game has become more focused now on synergy between heroes now, and not just a single hero, so a missing hero might break that synergy.
  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on a loadout that gives you a currently strong soldier?
  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on a loadout that gives you a currently strong Ninja?
  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on a loadout that gives you a currently strong Constructor?
  • Do you spend your recruitment tickets on a loadout that give you a currently strong outlander?

In most cases you are limited to only one of these choices, and if you have all 7 tickets then maybe two of these choices, and that goes against the core reason behind this whole rework which is providing more versatility in hero loadouts.

In addition to the above mentioned points, I can not stress enough how it will be difficult for new players to have a decent loadout, when I am level 310 and I feel I am missing out on so much.

What are possible ways for epic to provide recruitment tickets?

  • Make recruitment tickets acquired by leveling up the account, and significantly increasing the number from 7, to what they think is best. In addition to that, make recruitment tickets acquired every 50 level after reaching level 310. (This is the one that I find the most player friendly out of these suggestions).
  • Make recruitment tickets purchasable for v-bucks from the store.
  • Add a daily rotating slot in the store, where 1 past events hero can be purchased for gold/v-bucks (kind of like how it is in the other mode).
  • Make founders packs provide recruitment tickets.

I apologise for the long post, I hope you you guys can see the points I am trying to make, and feel free to add suggestion or correct me.

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