Epic, this change isn’t doing it for me

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Epic, this change isn't doing it for me

You claimed you increased twine levels for us endgame level players yet you didn't reward us properly for it. Fine, it takes time so whatever. Still doesn't feel like we're rewarded enough for it after this most recent update. So what else have you attempted?

Wargames seem like a good starting point. They're also deeply flawed. Sure I could probably solo mine in my twine base or if I really wanted results I could look for a lower level to host in the discord, but I don't want to do that. I just find this mode hilariously flawed. You cannot expect everyone to just rebuild all of their bases which they absolutely have to do to play in stonewood-canny. Even with your changes to how bases work, that's still asking a ridiculous amount of material investment. On top of that, traps aren't even being reset properly which only makes that a colossal nightmare. And if I do try to join someone? well 10/10 times i try joining anywhere but a twine base, we all stand no chance because the base is not ready and you're basically asking us to tear down everything and rebuild from scratch. That of course, assumes we have edit permissions which shouldn't even need to be a thing now that you reverted all changes during a round protecting SSDs. Yeah as if dealing with husks ranging from slightly higher your level to being ridiculously past your level and you don't know why you're fighting them, you now can't even build past the storm shield and have it count because it's gone later which is only causing me to hesitate on the rest of my twine ssds right now.

But all that is filler to my MAIN grievances. These two are the real complaints I personally have and not just the ones I've seen being pushed by many others here (though I know I'm not the only one who has this problem)

First off, why did you remove the tickets from other types of missions? I'm sorry, but one of the few things I have left to grind for in this game is save survivors, so I like to play those missions and now I get 0 tickets all of the time for doing those missions? why? How is that fair? And then the storm alerts concerning vbucks. You KNEW that'd be the concern. 2 a day at most so far. 1 paltry stonewood today. After the reset, maybe we'll have none! I'm sure that's possible and I'm sure there probably is still a cap on how many of those missions can appear. It's all such BS.

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You told us you implemented this change to help us out. I'm calling you liars. If you wanted to let us keep playing the game without punishing us for wanting to play too much, ALL YOU HAD TO DO WAS REMOVE THE LIMIT BUT KEEP THE 6 HOUR REFRESH or hell, you could've just bumped up the damn limit back to 10 mission alerts like you've done multiple times in the past.

It wouldn't be the first time you've implemented change under the guise of our benefit only to neuter the players and increase the gameplay loop. Remember how you took away vbucks from the collection book? Remember how you stopped giving those out during these seasonal questlines and instead only gave us more tickets? Remember how the hero update meant instead of only needing 3 heroes to manage at a time, we now needed over twice that, both to achieve something of the same amount of stats as before but also because our heroes now only had 1 ability of their own instead of an entire list. I might've landed on my feet from that, but it completely turned away newer friends of mine due to how many more materials and resources, characters and time spent needed to now let them do half the things they were doing before that update.

TL;DR As it is now, I ABSOLUTELY feel less inclined to play the game. the wargames are too bothersome, I make less vbucks on average per day than I already was (since before I would definitely see more than 3 missions per day) and now the main mission type I do play doesn't reward me. I'm sure you don't care. I'm sure people with less than half the time I've put into this game will tell me to get over it. I'm sure this post might get flagged by some bot for not flagging it right or whatever. I don't care . I just can't stay silent as we're continued to be treated this way while you sit there and expect us to thank you for everything, when there is plenty of bad you keep giving us on purpose alongside the good you do.

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