Epic, we need more xp. Fortnite is not a full-time job

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Epic, we need more xp. Fortnite is not a full-time job

I was wondering how much xp was needed for completing the battle pass and this is what I got so far.

For now it looks like every level needs 80000 xp Playing several games and looking how much the 10 xp bars fill up suggest this is true. level 8 to 9 and 9 to 10 look like 80k xp, so lets assume this is correct.

What do (I think) we know?

  • We need 7.640.000 xp for tier 100.
  • There are 9 sets of "weekly" challenges which (probably) all have 11 challenges for 14000xp each.
  • Every day we get a new medal punchcard for 24k xp.
  • Xp gained per game mainly consists out of survival and combat xpSurvival xp = opening chests, ammo boxes, supply drops etc.Combat xp = elmins, assists, distance of an elim etc.
  • The season contained 54 days.
  • All 11 weekly challenges give a total of 9*11*14000=1.386.000xp
  • Filling the medal punchcard evey day gives a total of 54*24000=1.296.000xp
  • A good team rumble game gives 6000 xp per game.20 kills + some assists + opening 12 chests and/or supply drops + ammo crates. 3000 combat xp, 3000 survival xpThe first games you played gave a lot of survival xp because you got xp for uncovering the map. (I think)
  • We play 3 hours a game.

Now all of this might be true, but it also might not be true. For now lets use all the info as valid information. This would mean the following for xp requirements towards getting tier 100 on the last day of the season.


No challenges, just xp through the game.

  1. Xp required= 7.640.000
  2. Xp per day = 141.482
  3. Games per day = 24
  4. Time per day = 8h

All weeklies completed. (7.640.000-1.386.000)

  1. Xp required= 6.254.000Xp
  2. per day = 115.815
  3. Games per day = 20
  4. Time per day = 6h40m

All weeklies completed and punchcard everyday. (7.640.000-1.386.000-1.296.000).

  1. Xp required= 4.958.000
  2. Xp per day = 91.815
  3. Games per day = 16
  4. Time per day = 5h20m

A lot of things are assumed as the truth, so there is a high change this is inaccurate, but I still think there isn't a fair amount of xp in the game. Also I think 6k xp per game is quite high which would mean more time to play per day to get tier 100 is actually needed. I didn't include the 30% bonus xp from the previous battle pass since it only gives 300 xp per game.

If I look at this, I really think epic has to make some changes to the xp system in the game. Even for getting tier 100 in a battle pass, which should require atleast some kind of effort, this is way to much.

Now please tell me how I'm completely wrong and there's no need to worry, that would be nice! ^^

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