Epic, we need to talk about STW..

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TL;DR We really need some REAL high level missions / content + attention to important issues that are polluting the game.

First off, I want to start this post off by saying that Save the World is a STELLAR game with a TON of appeal and potential. That being said, once you get past all of the shiny, there is a lot that is fundamentally missing after so long in development.

This gets a lot worse when you realize just how much money Epic Games makes every month. Last month they were on track to make somewhere around half a billion dollars, which is a psychotic amount of money for a game studio.

Does it make sense that chat is still broken for the third day in a row? No.

Does it make sense that there is no end game content of any kind? No.

Does it make sense that AFKing and leeching go completely unpunished? No.

Yet here we are, and it's exactly the case. I can't fathom how they can't read one of hundreds of posts just like this one and realize that all they have to do is actually do something. Introduce some sort of new content. Not some sort of recycled mission or "build a box to protect Y", something DIFFERENT.


Here's an example off the top of my head: A giant yeti boss that is level 130+ (can be scaled with BluGlo). You have to hunt it down on a snowy map and then fight it to the death. It would be much larger than your average husk or mist monster, have a giant health pool, wreck your shit with its own deadly moveset, and leave you struggling without teamwork and cooperation. Respawns are disabled once the fight starts.

Or an endless wave of husks that gives increasingly better rewards, but gets more and more deadly as it goes on. The longer you survive, the more you get. They could make it get INCREDIBLY difficult, so that people have something to work on and grind out.

And let me ask you, how difficult would this be? How much time does it REALLY take a company like Epic Games to hash something like this out? Where in the world is the dedication to pulling off Save the World like it SHOULD be done?

I'm pl 40, so I haven't seen the entire game yet. The sad thing is, I am pretty sure there's not a lot of new stuff left for me to experience. The motivation to reach those higher levels is kinda low, and I feel like there's a lot of easy fixes to that and a lot of other issues with the game.

Oh and please fix chat. Please please please. Like WTF it is absolutely atrocious.


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