EPIC when are we getting a forced PL lock?

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This is getting out of hand, this event is bringing the taxis out even more. Most of my missions include at least 1 person who is 20PLs under the mission level. About half the time its 2 people who got taxied into the mission and their taxi already left, leaving me and one other sucker to either carry these players or find a different mission.

I just had to step away from the game for the night after running into several groups of players who are less than HALF the PL of the mission. One mission I joined in was instantly met with a young young kid who said "CrimeSceneKitty don't ask why these guys are here" followed by another kid whos voice was so high my neighbors dog started to howl "when do we get v-bucks". This group had a PL1 and a PL 20 something, being carried into the mission.

EPIC, there is a limit to how annoying a game can become before people start suggesting that others do not play it. I can kinda deal with the lack of new missions (which really needs to be addressed) but the fact that I have to constantly search for a mission where I will not have to carry someone who clearly should never be in that mission, that's where I draw the line. I almost have to David Dean this shit and solo everything just to save me time from searching for groups that are of the correct level for that content.


EPIC you seem to dislike the STW community, we get scraps compared to BR. Bug fixes take months, balance changes are done without consulting the community, patch notes are incomplete, RMT spam was allowed to run rampant, trade spam and trade scams are allowed to run rampant, mission PL locks are a joke, communication is lacking on all fronts, content is very very sparse, hell Deliver the Bomb is still unfinished…how long is the launcher going to left untextured?

I understand 100% that we are not the main source of money, but we have been sitting here for a very long time begging for attention and asking over and over to be included in development.

Telling us that you have something planned is like your boss telling you that next quarter they will think about talking about a raise with you, only to be told the same thing when the quarter ends. We need community polls for new content, open feedback about in dev features and content, we need an open BACK AND FORTH COMMUNICATION.

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