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I really would like to know the qualifications to work as a Game Designer for Epic… Because whoever is designing, and authorizing the changes such as "Lets remove 75% of mobs from defenses" needs to be let go.

As someone that has been teaching himself Unreal Engine, and has been designing games/classes/mechanics on paper since he was 13 I am appalled that it is so hard to break into the industry as a designer when stuff like this is released.

It is said that if you are good at something, don't do it for free… Well, I'm going to break that and give you several methods of how to fix the lag, without removing the necessity for traps in a defense game. (Yes, I am willing to relocate, Epic!)

  1. Decrease the frequency in which Deathburst modifiers trigger. For example, instead of ~66% of husks triggering these effects, drop it down to 25%. This would reduce lag, as well as be a more healthy style of game-play by not having yet another trap killer in place when traps heal incredibly slowly (10% every 10 seconds) with specific setups, or not at all (without taking immense damage/risks going into trap tunnels to repair walls.) We have Lobbers, Propane Tanks and Smashers for the walls, we don't need so many Deathbursts, even the healing ones can be cut down.
  2. 2) Decrease the particle effects used by Deathburst (and Bees) to reduce the GPU lag. The effects on Deathbursts are large, and very GPU intensive, especially when there are many of them triggering, bees laying around, lobber trails (from the skull they throw) and the storm effects. That's not to mention any effects players are tossing down, such as the pulsating DECOYs.
  3. 3) Remove Deathburst, and replace it with something else. The design addition to Deathburst is unique, and I get the point – When players kill X mob, it will enrage/heal/damage nearby allies/structures, which adds to the strategy of killing them away from structures/other mobs to diminish the effects. The issue however is that we have little to no way to strategically deal with these modifiers. If the mobs had an icon over their head, we could bait them away as we know which ones will trigger the effect. If ALL mobs triggered the effect (please God, no!) we could plan defenses differently (even though in Explosive Deathburst they would be doomed to fail.) But as it stands, it is random which mobs will detonate, and which won't, removing any strategic game-play elements. Some suggested replacements are:
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A) Call of the Dead – After being defeated, the Husk will return to life at it's death (or spawn) location. This modifier will apply pressure immediately upon death by respawning where it died (or at the spawn point, creating a larger wave for the next push.)


B) Singularity – One mob per spawn cycle is designated the Singularity, as husks die within 1.5 tiles, it regenerates health proportional to the dying husk (1% for midgets, 2.5% for standard, 5% for huskies, 10% for Mist Monsters) and gain increased health and damage proportional to the dying husk (three times the healing; 3% more HP/Damage for midgets, 7.5% for standard, 15% for huskies, 30% for Mist Monsters.) This modifier would provide a mob with staying power and damage as long as it stands, creating a focus fire demand.

C) Cyclical Demand – Damaging a target reduces the damage dealt by your current source of damage by 5% per instance of damage, and increases the damage of all other damage sources by 15%. Stacks 20 times. Stacks reset after another damage source is utilized. This means, if you shoot a husk 3 times, (for simplicity I'm using 100 damage per shot) your first shot will deal 100 damage, second would deal 95 damage, and third shot would deal 90 damage. You now have 3 stacks of Cyclical Demand for ranged weapons. Your next shot will deal 15% less damage. However, if you swap to a melee weapon, or damage with an ability, the first strike or ability will deal 45% more damage and reset the damage of your ranged weapons to default. This would cause game-play adaptation requirements. No longer can you sit there spamming your AR and mow down mobs, time to rotate your damage. Choose not to, and you will no longer deal damage once you reach 20 stacks (once again, resetting upon another damage source being used.)

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Look, my Wife and I pre-purchased FortNite before it came out, we loved the idea (coming from Dungeon Defenders 2) and still do. But after doing several missions with the decreased Husk Spawns, the game is simply becoming boring. There are many issues with this game, and they just keep piling up, strangely enough, with simple fixes. But for some reason the design decisions behind Save the World keep damaging it, in some cases, severely.

I don't see this ever getting to Epic, but if it does, and if you like what you read here, lets talk.

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