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I've never seen a game company be so bad at every decision. Usually, even bad choices can be explained. Lack of resources, lack of feedback, a desire to create an esports avenue, obsession with monetization, but in the past month, Epic has made a number of decisions that have no direction. let me put it this way: there's multiple things a company would want to do with STW; Epic is doing none of them.

Option A: Kill off the mode. This one is simple: just stop adding content, and walk away. Ventures, the addition of a new Hero/weapon set, and multiple storylines added kinda prove that Epic's not taking this option, or if they are, they're doing it poorly.

Option B: Improve the mode as standalone. This is obviously my favored option, but Epic has genuinely failed at doing this as well, because there would be one top priority in this option: Player retention and attraction. Improve the tutorial to foster progression, adjust matchmaking to increase player retention (so the game doesn't seem "dead" at times), and add some sort of repeatable endgame so max-level players have something to do/grind for. Epic is doing none of those.

Option C: Integrate the mode with BR. It would make sense to tie the two together. Make the game go free-to-play, keep updates between the two consistent, and finally create some cross-compatible content so that maybe there's reason to switch between modes often. Instead, the game is permanently a paid mode and the Locker's being separated. Epic is definitely not doing this option.


Option D: Agitated Development. It's not really an official term, but I've seen this with many games where devs would always introduce new features that are half what fans want, and half what they don't. This keeps the playerbase constantly talking about the game and arguing about it, keeping it in the public eye. And anytime a newcomer would ask "How's the game?", the fanbase would always be like "Oh, it's great; we're just going through a rough patch right now." This is a better strategy than most people would admit, and I think Epic was actually doing that at one-time (as the Hero rework, weapon recombobulator, and locker system all were half-good ideas with enough to complain about), but the trick to this option is "media presence". The moment David Dean left should've been a hint to start adding full-quality content to retain content creators, but instead, Epic continued on its path and lost DemonJoeFrance, too (Probably others; I'm not a big FN Youtube watcher). Clearly, Option D is no longer their aim, if it ever was.

Option E: Making bad development choices, only to revert them and get praise for maintaining a status quo. This is pretty much a variant of Option D, so while Epic might be doing this, they aren't doing it correctly as the main objective is "increased social media presence/buzz".

Option F: Monetization. This option would be things like adding a Season Pass, introducing STW skins to be used in BR, or making more items available via VBucks without breaking lootbox regulations. This option is the funniest, because Epic's clearly not doing it despite people literally willing to throw money at them if they do. Do you know how bad a business has to be if the customers are literally giving them options to profit, and they don't take the opportunity?

There's no other options. Any other direction STW could take would have to fall into one of these bins, and Epic is doing all of them wrong. It's amazing.

What's even more amazing is that there's barely any cross-company interference. Epic is the marketplace, the publisher, developer, and even the engine. The only other companies that have that much total pipeline control is like Nintendo and Valve.

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