Epic’s 2FA is a joke right now, here’s why.

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Two-Factor Authentication Epic offers is literally pointless with how it currently functions. Three MAJOR flaws it has:

  1. It's tied to an ACCOUNT'S EMAIL instead of SMS / any authenticator app / any OTHER email, which in itself is a huge blow to the account's security, all things considered.
  2. The email itself isn't even masked. I know it sounds pointless, but if it was possible to redirect 2FA to another email with its own 2FA to provide an additional security layer, it would've made MUCH more sense.
  3. Codes are supposed to refresh at VERY short intervals, yet it's been more than 10 minutes in between 2FA code requests, and it still sends out the SAME CODE for a single email.

ADDED: The account itself allows infinite password retry attempts, which is another huge blow to the account's security since it encourages consequence-less brute-forcing. Epic, /smh…


Taking Blizzard and Steam into account (those have their own authenticator apps AND offer cellphone linking on top of that – hell, most of 2FA-powered services offer Google/MS authenticator linking!), I'd say that this is an Epic fail on behalf of Epic's security team. Would be MUCH appreciated if they patched this up.

Please, make it as visible as possible. We don't need any more hacking victims.

~ ShadowDweller

P.S. A shout-out to every player out there who got hacked and robbed of their in-game progress. I'm with you, guys, I know how you feel. .

u/mrpopotfs, u/poppinfreshdoze, /u/Magyst

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