EPIC’s disastrous take on leechers

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We all know them, heck some of you reading this might be one of them. Leechers. If you’re not familiar with them they’re the people who join a WAY higher mission than the level they are.

For instance a level 25 in a 70 mission. You get the idea.

Now, the fact that EPIC hasn’t done anything to them and probably won’t do anything to them anytime soon. I have been taking matters into my own limited hands. It basically brought out the toxic person in me.

Usually when I want to play a 70 mission (since I’m level 72, I can do these missions without being called a leecher) I wait until the last second of the timer so I can see the levels of the people joining me.

When somebody joins the mission that is 15 levels under or more, I immediately leave even when the other two people are high enough. I just can’t and will not help leechers out.


When I’m already in a game with multiple underleveled people I tell them in game chat how they should be playing these missions and often I get a stupid remark in the likes of: “but me 108 scar, I kill easy”. So, I just let them be and let THEM take care of the mission without doing anything. I will not waste the materials on I worked so hard for just to lose a mission because of stubborn little kids (mostly).

Inb4 somebody says: “but why u no carrie em?!” I’m not wasting triple the amount of traps, materials etc on a game where I would normally waste a limited amount of those. Unless of course I would get more incentive to (read: rewards)

Basically, EPIC, the higher leveled veterans are getting more salty/ toxic? because of the “limitations” of your game. So, I plea for something to be done soon.

Also, this isn’t a rant, it’s my take on how I see everything evolving from now on between the leechers and veterans.

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