Event Store Heroes Overview: Stars & Stripes Electro-Pulse and Trailblaster. “Are They Worth It?”

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There are two new (reskinned) heroes in the event store tonight, and for those newer to the game who are wondering if they're worth the gold, I'm gonna shed some light on these uncommon subclasses.

Electro-Pulse Penny!

  • Electro Pulse is a Constructor who specializes Plasma Pulse with offensive BASE perks. She has +50% BASE reflect damage, electrified floors, and several perks into Plasma Pulse. She's great for solo-cheesing low level missions for low grade perk ups or getting through event quests without spending resources. Her lack of DECOY, and Plasma Pulse being as buggy and underwhelming as it is puts her a little lower on the Constructor totem pole.

  • Her support bonus, Actuated Attacks, increases blunt damage by 24%. Very good support if you plan to use a hardware-focused hero.

Trailblaster AC

  • Trailblaster is an ability-based Outlander who specializes in using TEDDY and Shock Tower for crowd control, and having very short cool downs when using charge fragments. Trailblaster has the furthest TEDDY range (6 tiles), maximum Shock Tower uptime (10 seconds), with perks that allow TEDDY to slow enemies, and increased impact damage on Shock Tower to help with stunning smaller targets. As well as Forked Lightning, allowing Shock Tower to hit the maximum number of enemies per pulse, 21. Impossibility Matrix reduces the cool down of abilities to 50% when used with a charge fragment, making Trailblaster a great hero for consistent aoe / crowd control when having gathered charges pre-defense.

  • His support bonus, Make It Count, increases pistol crit damage by 70%. Very important for Rangers/Gunblazers using crit pistols.

  • His tactical bonus, Your Move, Creep, places a damage pulse on DECOY. This damage scales with ability damage modifier/tech. While the damage is negligable to threats, it does a great job of deleting all mini and normal husks, allowing you to focus on the bigger guys.

Verdict: Trailblaster is the better choice if you only have time to grind the gold for one of them. He's a decent hero in his own right, and both his support and tactical slots are useful. Electro-Pulse has a niche play style that is often frustrating, but can still be useful, especially for lower level content.

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