Every Hero Main Described in 1 Sentence (Part 2)

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Kinetic beats: gIvE mE tHE gOd dAMn rESt oF cANnY

Cobalt Commando: I… Grinded…… so… much….

Special Forces: I made the most out of ultimate edition

Assassin (or lotus assassin for them premium bois): Explosive assassin does it better, not that I use either

Commando: *Insert tf2 heavy or tf2 legion joke here*

Deadly Blade: I don't exist

Plasma Specialist: I barely exist

Rescue Trooper: I have only used one hero in all my time in fortnite

Skirmisher: Trying to make the most out of snuggle specialist

T.E.D.D. Shot: I just wanted a good sniper class

Double Agent: I just wanted a bug-free ability

Vanguard: I just want a better outlander

Stonefoot: I just want a better ninja

Centurion: Can I have an ability I specialise in?


Thunder Strike: Oops, keep forgetting to swap them to tactical

Brawler: WHADDAYAMEAN Crescent kick is trash

Fleetfoot: WHADDAYAMEAN Dragon has a better dragon slash?

Electro-pulse: WHADDAYAMEAN Riot control and BASE specialists are better?

Shock Specialist: WHADDAYAMEAN my only buffs to show tower damage are bugged?

Guardian: I like pretending I'm a decent class

Sentinel: I expected more fun

Recon Scout: I combine mediocre pathfinder perks with the best phase scout perks, I'm a 3/10 hero

Trailblazer: I didn't get a reclaimer in the birthday event

Trailblaster: Why is my Controller in tactical and Trailblaster in primary?

I'm going to combine these later and do one for each event.

Edit: Forgot Cloaked Star: trade my HB say 1234565432345676545678767

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