Every STW Hero Doing Some Dances!

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I hope you guys like Gourmet Race.

Hello, Fortnite Reddit. Have you ever wanted to see a non-Solider hero you main dance? I’ve made small videos showcasing EVERY STW hero dancing, except for Penny, Kyle, and Eagle Eye since other threads featured them already. Though if someone asks, I can make a video for those three heroes, too. I’ve created a list here with a link to the video showing that STW hero dancing.

Note: The only emote in these videos with “major” clipping issues is the crying emote. A lot of heroes hands clip through their heads. But it’s not game-breaking. Also, the battle horn emote doesn’t always connect to a hero’s head. Pretend the dragon is playing for them.

Another note: I’m not a content creator by trade. These videos are very amateur, right down to the thumbnails and music selection. This was my first time recording gameplay footage, and for some reason the in-game music wasn’t recorded. I’ll try my best to make better footage in the next couple of days, provided this harmless glitch doesn’t get patched out. Fingers crossed! Anyway, onto the dance!

every stw hero doing some dances - Every STW Hero Doing Some Dances!


  1. Bull
  2. Harper
  3. Hazard
  4. Hype
  5. Izza
  6. Knox


  1. Crash
  2. Edge
  3. Ken
  4. Luna
  5. Mari
  6. Sarah
  7. Scorch
  8. Scorpion


  1. AC
  2. Buzz
  3. Deadeye
  4. Grizzly
  5. Jess
  6. Quinn
  7. Southie



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