Everything Re-Perk and Perk-Up after 7.20, Reset Eligible, Recycling Schematics, and the “Perk Threshold”

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Everything Re-Perk and Perk-Up after 7.20, Reset Eligible, Recycling Schematics, and the "Perk Threshold"

After the large amounts of edits on my earlier write up, I decided to do a full write up with the changes included in the main post to keep formatting cleaner.

This post includes all changes to Armor Reset Eligible schematics, and ALL schematics when recycled which now also give Perk Materials due to a new Threshold that I will call the Perk Threshold.

The Perk Threshold is 2x Grey Perk, 2x Green Perk, and 1x Blue Perk.

  • All Schematics give Re-Perk and Perk-Up when recycled now as long as they are above the Perk Threshold, any perks above will be converted to Re-Perk and Perk-Up during recycling.

Example: This untouched schematic without any armor perks has 2 blue perks, this is 1 perk more than the threshold mentioned before so you receive Perk-Up and Rare Re-Perk for 1 Blue perk which gets set back to a Green perk.

  • Schematics with Armor Perks can be reset to the Perk Threshold, this will set the perks to match the Perk Threshold + Give you all of the Perk materials for it + You keep the schematic for later use if you want to.


Example to show that resetting a Lvl1 Schematic still give Perk Materials to set it back to the Perk Threshold.

Other Perk related info from the Patch Notes:

  • Changing a Perk now costs 600 Re-Perk instead of 1000, this does not count for the elemental perks.
  • Replaced Transform Key and Schematic rewards with Perk-UP and RE-PERK in higher difficulty Frostnite zones.
  • Recycling/Resetting weapons does not grant Re-Perk for any changed Perks, only Perked Up Perks will grant it's Re-Perk value on Reset/Recycle.

A big change is that Epic increased RE-PERK rewards from the following sources:

  • Mission Rewards: +67%
  • Perk Caches: +67%
  • Mission Alerts: +55%.

Happy 2019 Perk Day Everyone!

Thanks to u/Jams33333 for letting me know about recycling also giving Perk materials.

Edit: According to u/reekus818 Recycling schematics gained after the update do not give Re-Perk, it may be limited to schematics before the update.
Edit2: My first Reddit Silver, thank you kind stranger!

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