Everything wrong with mission alerts

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Last night I tried to do a 70 evac the shelter mission alert. There was a couple 40ish players and a level 80 with me being 71 so I was thinking it was still doable and built the initial cube around objective. That's when the 80 dropped and I looked at the class of the two down levels, outlanders. Another 40ish outlander than jumped in…. so at this point I figure I'm screwed on the resources I put out but I waited at objective until timer ran down. As expected, it was just me there to defend.

So, first problem: All people need to access the top level mission alerts is to make it to the area, in this case canny, and they can farm shadowshard all they want and even bring their level 10 friends with them. Level 70 mission alerts are loaded with low levels farming recently. All the non mission alert missions are firewalls behind ssd progress but the most valuable missions are not.


Next problem, how mission alerts work is not clear at all. For those that don't know, you get 3 every 24 hours. However, there is so much going on in the selection map and no good explanation, it is impossible for someone who plays casually to make sense of it. We have alert, storm and group missions, all with different cooldowns and no way of tracking this without going to or such. The Ui needs to communicate this better. Maybe with cool down information when you highlight the mission. It really sucks to not be able to do a mission for a legendary transform because to scored 5000 survivor experience accidently 2 hours before.

5000 survivor experience is the third issue. WHY? Why on earth put a reward like that on a mission alert. The schematics and vbuck awards for mission alerts are at a great level now but the rest of the reward table is just awful. Why would anyone burn one of 3 cooldowns for 5k survivor exp or really just about any of the other rewards. For survivor exp to be worth burning a cool down, it would need to at least be 100 to 200k. Basically, missions with these rewards become wasted space.

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