Evolution process needs to change

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I have been playing since November 27, 2017. Last night I finally did the thing I hoped I would never do – accidentally evolved a weapon I wanted to make Shadowshard to Obsidian instead. This mistake is too easy to make, as seen here: . Had a bunch of schematic XP & mindlessly hit the button one too many times. Normally I would brush this mistake off & wait for another copy of the schematic. However, my mistake happened on a Dragon's Roar. There is no way of obtaining another one. I contacted Epic almost immediately after this happened & pray I get a response that fixes the mistake. Until then, I wanted to make some suggestions (that have likely been made in various posts in the past) to Epic in the hopes that someone like /u/Magyst passes on the feedback & the developers implement one or more of them.

Suggestion 1: Change the game so the 4-star evolution does not default to either option so we can't mindlessly evolve. I came across some comments on a couple Reddit posts claiming that this already exists for some users. They did not specify what platform they were on. Perhaps it does exist on consoles already. It certainly doesn't exist for me on PC.

Suggestion 2: Add a confirmation screen to the 4-star evolution for weapons. If it can be done when redeeming various currencies for llamas I'm confident it can be done for schematic evolutions.


Suggestion 3: Allow players to re-perk a weapon from ore to crystal and vice versa. Accidental evolutions won't be nearly as painful for players if there were a way to correct the mistake and I'm sure Epic support would be thrilled to no longer have support tickets from players like myself begging for changes to their schematics. This should be allowed for any 4- or 5-star schematic capable of being evolved into either ore or crystal.

Suggestion 4: Allow players to remove levels from schematics & heroes in a way that's similar to recycling/retiring completely. Return 90% of the XP & materials between the current level and whatever level the player takes the schematic/hero down to. This can benefit players in multiple situations. Players that have accidentally evolved a weapon to a level that requires materials in a zone they have not reached yet (I was guilty of this once or twice in the past too) won't have to beg for, borrow, or steal the mats needed to make their favorite over-evolved weapon. Folks that want to put a schematic/hero into their collection book but want to use the XP & evolution mats to level something else could do so. Back before re-perk was a thing I purposely evolved my Nocturno to Obsidian thinking that a Siegebreaker with ideal perks would be better than the Nocturno and would now love to be able to reverse it and re-evolve to Shadowshard instead.

TL:DR – It's too easy to accidentally evolve weapons to Obsidian. Epic, please make it harder to do and/or make it a mistake that's somehow reversible by players.

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