Evolving Fortnite – What Could Make It Better?

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Fortnite is a somewhat unique game due to its build system. But at the core its no different than Dungeon Defenders 2 or Orcs Must Die Unchained (other than currently its not free to play). At its core its a simple defense game. Defend this from husks, defend that from husks, and defend multiple locations from husks.

Initially when I first saw this game I expected a husk survival game that was open world, comparable to The Division but with husks. Unfortunately thats not the case, the closest survival mechanic is crafting with scavenged parts and not dying.

As such what Fortnite Needs in Survive The World is different experiences and different styles of gameplay. Every mission is defend something except build radar grids and rescue survivors. If Epic Cant do that, then we need missions that feel entirely different as an experience.

Below are some suggestions.

  • Currently we have mini bosses. I have never seen a boss though. In the future id love to see entirely new husks that are bosses. New missions for killing these bosses, and have them introduce new mechanics to build around. My idea is something like SSD except enemies all spawn from a single direction. A stand off of sorts where the boss is to lay siege on our "castle", leading a large army. Bosses would have weak points where you deal optimal damage, not just the head as usual. For example imagine a new flinger that has a cannon he can shove multiple enemies in and launch at base, flinging in a smasher, ouch. Maybe a time limited Smasher King mission where you got to kill him and his army in a certain time before he charges and destroys everything. Their sizes would be large, im talking city buildings large. (Got to get to roof top to get a good vantage point on weak spot for example)

  • Real Base Building , MGS levels. Imagine building a city from the ground up for your survivors with scavenged goods protected by a storm shield. Imagine building working facilities, farms, power plants and so on. What if you could farm resources over a week or two and build an ammo factory, or a lumberyard, and so on? Maybe you build an actual fortress protected by a shield where no husk can enter, like a large Midgar or Insomnia. Building is the most interesting part of this game, it would be nice if building wasnt limited to defending something. The building part alone could trump sims in possibilities.

  • Mini Boss Rush. Run through a zone and kill x amount of mini bosses.

  • Custom weapon crafting. Imagine if all weapons were modular pieces like they actually are. What if you could say take a scope from one gun and put it on another? What if you could build an entirely new gun using pieces of other guns you have already found and learned to craft. Personalization is limited in this game. The dynamic of finding weaponry you wont use completely changes if even 1 part of it can be used to improve or create an entirely new gun.

  • There is currently no underground missions. Are we to believe husks only cover the surface of this world? Some underground missions could be interesting. (Mines, quarries, sewers, ect)

  • The vindertech facility mission in plankerton was a very interesting mission and was unique. You never see a building like that ever in the game other than that single time. Some other unique variants could be fun.

  • What if some husks became more intelligent or what if they were intelligent (like some alien species)? They do spawn out of thunder storms, these guys weve been fighting could be the less intelligent ones. Maybe they control the storm. Maybe their more intelligent friends are smarter or more tech advanced. Fights on ships in space? Maybe they have their own SSD's somewhere with a base of their own. Maybe they use electricity in the storm as a source of energy for teleportation or something. I dont know. Imagine the husks building a defense and us having to be the ones to overtake them. That change in dynamics is huge.

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