Expandable, modular, 2×1 Trap Funnel Design, Stop Mist Monsters Cold.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Expandable, modular, 2x1 Trap Funnel Design, Stop Mist Monsters Cold.

TL;DR Made a trap funnel that is really good against Mist Monsters and maybe other things.VIDEO BELOW

I started working on a new type of mini trap tunnel that impedes Smashers and Blasters, gives you cover from Blasters, Flingers and Lobbers, slows down Propane Huskys, and creates a good set-up for multiple traps. It tricks the pathing of the smaller husks to funnel their way through a more confined space, setting up for easy turret defense.Smashers will just pound, and not charge, these obstacles. And the best part? It only needs 2×1 on the grid. It can even be reduced to 1×1 for smaller narrow pathway defense.

How it works: The smaller husk are able to walk under the archways and the pyramid, however, must proceed in single file. Using a combination of slow-down traps (freeze traps, launchers) and damage traps (Wall darts, wall dynamos, gas traps), the enemies will march single file to their deaths. Add more powerful traps, and you have something that can impede the strongest of foes. The Mist Monsters want to follow the same path as the husks, but will struggle, thus messing up their pathing.

It is a simple 2×1 funnel design, which can easily be expanded to 3×1, 4×1, so on and so forth – For this example I have built 2 2×1's to show the effectiveness of the design.

For each 1×1, I place a special "pylon" design, all that is required is:

  1. 1 pyramid ramp (raise 2 opposite corners on a roof tile),
  2. 2 floor tiles
  3. 2 arch walls.

The arch walls must be directed away from the lowered corner, so if the pyramid slopes on the right side, place the archway to the left. In between each pylon, place a 1 height fence so that any AOE traps can hit multiple enemies(wall dynamos and spike fences work best on low fences), and I personally like to put wall-darts on the walls on the outside of the funnel; why? They shoot through the pyramids. For a better example of how to build these, look at the video below.

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So about this video… In the beginning I refer to blasters as just plain "Mist Monsters" but that was a product of me narrating a gameplay clip I took earlier (and that was my only screw up, I feel). I know I don't provide a ton of info but I try to demonstrate the funnel to the best of my ability during an actual mission. If you have any questions or criticisms, I will be glad to answer below.

btw don't stand in the tunnels, just saying.

I would like to thank u/CatstructorPenny for all her guides, she was the one who asked to see this, so here you all go! It only took me a week (*caaaammmooon, it was Christmas) . Also my teammates when I build these, they probably have no idea what I am doing.

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