Experience in low level areas

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Why do I get 0 experience when I go back to earlier missions to play with my friends who just got the game?

If my effective weapon level, pickaxe level, and F.O.R.T stats are all scaled back to that zone, it seems a little odd that the missions still require (at least some) effort, but give no rewards (experience wise).

I'm not going to stop playing missions with my friends, but it does mean that I can't play with them all day – just a few missions here and there.

For them, it seems like they will never be close enough to my level that we could play together and both earn rewards (especially seeing that I play more hours per week than they do).

A friend said today that they were unsure if they would keep playing as they didn't ever see themselves catching up to play with me.


Obviously there needs to be incentive to play the missions later in the game over the earlier ones, or strange "easy xp farms" would crop up everywhere, but I feel like these missions could reward at least some experience, even if they need to scale us back more thoroughly.

As they're all time based, the investment of time wouldn't change drastically, and I still have to go back and farm higher tier crafting materials every so often.

I won't pretend I really know what I'm talking about, I'm relatively new myself. I just wanted to voice my thoughts on my experience so far.

I'd really love if I could get more people into the game from my circle of friends. At the moment though, I just can't see them sticking around very long.

Edit: I also got no experience when I went back and did Stonewood SSD 7 through 10, which seemed strange to me. Those missions were tough.

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