Extra QOL features that should be added

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - Extra QOL features that should be added

SSD Quality of Life

Enhanced Upgrade: Upgrading any structures prior to starting any SSD or Wargames would upgrade instantly. This would encourage low levels in high leveled SSDs with their friends to build something and not worry about their slow build speed, and allow for an overall quicker SSD building speed.

Soccer Field Adjustments: In Stonewood, the soccer field is fun to mess around with, but I wish we could start minigames and set a score limit. That way, we could start our own mini soccer games. Additionally, the barrier that blocks out ground-level placement could be turned on and off, allowing us to add additional challenges such as miniwalls.

Twine Peaks Lava: The lava in the other game modes is significantly better than the lava in Save the World. I feel like it will eventually use the same good lava, but it's been months since season 8 started which introduced the lava to the other game mode anyways.

Endurance SSD Trophies: I understand why people dislike the Endurance banners: not only do they not look special, they also all look very similar. A placeable trophy that would function as a huge trap would be placeable anywhere in your SSD, and they are universal (if you defeat Endurance in Plankerton, you could place it in Stonewood).

Shooting Range Pad: This would also function as a trap and would allow you to spawn in any husk with any power level. This would be very nice to help players test out new weapons, traps, hero loadouts, and even target practice, right in their own Storm Shield.


Other Quality of Life

Hero Loadout LISTS (or more slots): I believe the reason as to why we haven't gotten anymore loadout slots could be because of memory and having to store the data of all the heroes perks, abilities, etc. Being able to write a loadout list would solve that issue entirely. We select a hero for a certain slot, and the game doesn't have to store any weapon, health, etc stats, only where the heroes themselves were listen on a mock-up loadout. We would even be able to name these and give them a basic description.

Linear Region Placement: On the map showing all four regions in the game, they not only look like they don't follow a linear order, but the actual order they do follow makes little sense. Plankerton is the only one that makes sense for it's placement with it's yellow biome surrounding it, so replacing Canny Valley with Stonewood, the current event region with Canny, leaving twine be, and having the event region placed on the small area left of the mainland would be a logical order.

gt62l2gi71731 - Extra QOL features that should be added

A new and more linear map, keeping the event region away from the main regions to avoid confusion.

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