Extremely dissapointed and frustrated from Epic Games Customer Service.

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My first post:

This is a somewhat long post so please bear with me. English is not my first language so please excuse any grammar issues or anything of that nature.

It has been 6 days since my last post and 8 days in total since i've lost access to Save The World.

Ill explain my entire situation in detail.

I had bought the standard Fortnite Save The World pack. I did not download nor play it yet, Therefore I was still eligible for a refund due to Sony's refund policies. " You can cancel a digital content purchase within 14 days from the date of transaction, provided that you have not started downloading or streaming it. " I reached out to Epic Games for a refund. They did not respond so I live chatted with a Sony representative and they granted me the refund. (Case Number: 27743681). Everything i did was perfectly within the Sony and Epic Games policies.

The refunded standard pack receipt.

I then purchased the Deluxe edition a day later. Everything was fine, dandy and I was really enjoying Save The World. Another day later whilst opening BR to play a little, I recieve a prompt from Epic saying "Epic Games has removed the following items." Which were the founders items that you get on BR. I was confused so I tried opening save the world but it said that I had to purchase it. Which was frustrating as I ALREADY did repurchase STW again. What was more frustrating is that I did not receive any email or notification on why this had happened.

The Deluxe edition receipt.

The options available to access save the world, after pressing "Learn more."

Now that i've showed you my situation and all the evidence I could garner, here is the fun part. The customer service from Epic Games.


The Agent handling my complaint was as helpful as a water gun in an forest fire. After going back and forth with the agent trying to reach a solution he told me that the issue is from Sony and not from Epic Games.

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The old "no u" to Sony.

I then contacted Sony via the live chat and they said that I do own the license and should be able to play, therefore meaning that this issue is from Epic Games. But the Agent from Epic Games just wasn't having it.

I went back and forth a few more emails until he basically told me that there is nothing he can do.

I tried sending him an email conveying my frustration, but it appears that Epic Games customer support employees are not "equipped" to help.

I did post on the forum but guess what? No one cared, it got no responses, nothing, zilch, nada.

On my last post, an Epic employee responded u/magyst . He helped get an agent to contact me but the agent did not do much help.

I did everything I could and I have no idea what else to besides post here. Reddit has been known to do incredible things so, yet again I am going to shoot in the dark and hope i get a response from someone.


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