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False banned for ” Suspicious Purchasing Activity ”

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - False banned for '' Suspicious Purchasing Activity ''

Hello guys i know this is not a support reddit or anything like that but i've seem people getting help by dev's or mods well this is my case. ( English is not my first language btw )

The 18 of nov i recieved 3 emails from epic games about 3 different refunds because they detected them as ''Suspicious Purchasing Activity '' which makes no sense because i've used the same credit card and paypal since i made my first purchase in this game, well when i tried to log in my account to see if they deleted my vbucks or my skins i couldnt log in because my account was '' inactive '' then i instantly went into epicgames support and emailed them in Spanish first and got no answer then i tried in English and a guy or bot answered me saying :


Hello Bruce,

At Epic Games, we're serious about protecting accounts for our players. In this case, we disabled your account due to suspicious activity.

I escalated your case for further review, and we’ll contact you once the review is complete.


Then i was just waiting for them to contact me again and the next day ( 19 of nov ) they asked me for my payment info and stuff :


Hello Bruce,

Thank you for your patience. To verify ownership of the payment method that was used on your account, please provide the information listed below.

— Credit card issuer (American Express, Mastercard, Visa, etc.)

— Financial institution (Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.)

— Date of each transaction– Amount of each transaction

— The currency that each transaction was made in (dollars, euros, pounds, etc.)

— A screenshot of your billing statement, showing your name and all of the Epic Games purchases you made. Please blackout any unrelated information, such as billing address and other transactions.

If you have used more than one payment method on your Epic Games account, please include the information for EACH payment method used.

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Please be aware that if the ownership information is incomplete, we won’t be able to continue to the next step.

Thank you!


I answered this email with all literally ALL the information, screenshots, dates, billings, paypal payment and everything they asked for so i can be unbanned because i didnt do anything to get ban or chargeback .

Then some hours later i got a message from the same guy or BOT telling me this :


Hello Bruce,

After review, the account will remain permanently disabled due to suspicious purchasing activity. We are unable to re-activate the account.

If you would like to play again, you’ll need to create a new account.


Does this make sense for any of u guys or devs or mods or whatever you are ? Getting ur account banned thats worth like 200$+ has STW a lot of skins a lot of stuff in PvE i really want my account back i didnt do anything wrong i even replied to him saying the same things that i didnt request any refunds epic did it itself , i also asked for a paypal link or email so i can pay the 40$ they refunded me for no reason ( which i didnt even get the money in my card or paypal yet Lol ) and the person didnt even answer me back, i hope some mod or dev can help me this is really frustrating and makes me sad

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    Feb 25, 2019 6:51 pm

    Hello, i have the same problema as you…getting banned for suspicious activity while i’ve nothing wrong. have you managed to contact Epic Games about it? Is your account still blocked?

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