Farming fragments is not fun. Discussion on status of Outlanders and Fragments

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Epic has tweaked fragments before. Maybe they'll be willing to tweak them again.

I'd like to start another discussion on the status and potential tweaks to outlanders and fragment use.

There are mixed feelings about the status of outlanders. Some say it's fine now. some say the recent one-frag-is-all-u-need b•ug went too far. But where we're at now, back to the feeding frenzy for the first 5 minutes of a missions and competing with others for frags is far from ideal (some have gone so far as to say its torturous). The recent b•ug did show us a couple big, positive things, though: (1) seldom used outlanders were out and about since some are much more competitive with benefits of frags, (2) outlanders weren't doomed to wasting time searching for frags, unable to help at objective defense builds or work on other side quests (build radar, etc) because they only needed to find one blue frag.

Looking through the sub, we see a lot of ideas, with some being more reasonable (i.e. easier to code) then others (in parentheses after each I've indicated how easy or difficult i'd expect it to be to implement the idea):

  1. Add a way for players to choose when they want to use a frag (hard)

  2. Only require one frag per ability (one for teddy and one for shock tower) (hard)

  3. Utilize all of the available frag spawn points on the map (easy)

  4. Have spawns give multiple frags by default (easy)

  5. Allow frags to respawn or have them not despawn but add a reload cd. (Moderate)

  6. All outlanders get the frag when one is picked up. (Moderate)

  7. Put the b•ug back in, allowing one frag to prove permanent reduced CDs (moderate)

  8. Make all outlanders have a skill to generate frags (could get creative here: striker gets from AMC damage, pathfinder gets from llama frag & llama drops frags, shock gunner from shotgun kills, ranger from mist monsters kills, gunblazer & rio from kills within 10 seconds of phase shifting, etc.) (hard)

Some of these, or most, will make frag generating outlanders skills less useful. Sorta…hey still need to farm less. One idea is to change frag generating abilities into small chance to instantly reset CD after 15 headsot kills for teddshot, 60 for reclaimer, etc.

Just some ideas.

TLDR: Inb4 the "bah! Outlanders are fine!" Crowd.

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