Farming is pretty painless if you let it be

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Some quick tips on making farmiing fairly painless…

The easiest way to keep up with the demand for n&b, bacon, fibrous herb is to simply spend a little more time farming as you're running around during a mission:

  • Don't pass up the tin cans, spam cans (dog houses, port-a-johns), and stacks of steel pipe that are all over the place. I can't count how many times I and others were clearing rocks and trees around an objective and no one else ever took notice of the rusty tin can that was behind the rock they just cleared. Free 7 n&b for me in 3 seconds of effort.

  • Also don't pass up a parking meter without whacking it. One whack and you get some metal and n&b. You don't even have to stop walking.

  • There are small plants everywhere, even growing out of the streets. Just like tin cans and stacks of pipes, don't pass them up. Although, i typically avoid the skinny, woody bushes and the flowers as they tend to drop flowers instead of herbs. Go for the mushrooms, ferns, and thick/lush bushes. 3 seconds; easy herbs.

OK, this isn't enough for you, you say? You're a power player, running UAH and a slew of lead slinging weapons? Or you're a hardcore constructor player who enjoys trapping a lot? You need MORE mats.

  • Level your heroes and run daily expeditions for mats is an easy thing.

  • If you trap a lot, take an honest assessment of how useful all those traps really are. I'm a big fan of funneling at all approaches, with a minimalist defense on the objective (keep it small, rely on launchers there almost exclusively. Lots of traps at the objective often go severely under utilized since most things are dead by then.). At funnels, i typically use 1 wood floor spikes, 1 gas tap, and maybe a follow-up retractable floor spikes. That's about it. Your teammates are going to blow it up anyway. So 10-12 traps total, assuming I'm laying them all (which is rare…pro tip: layout the framework of the funnels and objective walls and a lot of times teammates will come in and fill them with traps. I've never had to lay traps on the sides of a pyramid).

  • Level a Striker AC and solo farm a city map (if you don't have a striker, i recommend any Outlander with phase shift or even a ninja for double jump, to make movement faster without hoverboard). Start in the city, run the streets and clear out all the parking meters, AMCing everything in between parking meters. After streets ate clear, rum the outside perimeter. AMC all the trees and rocks and while it's on cooldown loot the bushes and plants.

  • People poo poo the trap expeditions but the junk traps you get (and the junk traps you get while looting) are great for solo farming lower level missions. Once i get a nice pile of junk traps, I'll play heavy base on a few lower level city single atlas missions. funnel using the free traps (maybe use a defender too depending on mission pl) and go farm while the defense runs. It's a nice change of pace from normal play as well. This isn't just for farming but your also not using many ore any n&b and herbs on these missions.

  • another good option and also another fun change of place is to pull out the melee ninja and play some encampment and survivor missions. Use those melee weapons that you rarely touch, rely on you're abilities mostly for damage, and get some farming in since these missions require you to run all over the place anyway.

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