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This is a long one, so yeah….Okay. So for a while, I've been trying to keep track of what the numbers look like when farming for building/crafting materials. When I say farming, I mean doing nothing but farming materials, building towers and rescuing survivors in order to get rewards from doing so. I will farm from the start of the mission until I'm forced to evacuate by Ray. Oh yeah, it also includes recycling any traps or weapons found during this time as well. I've managed to clear half of the forest maps almost consistently of all trees, rocks, plants, and anomalies, but since I'm solo, I can't get past that amount, but I try. There's probably a way to make it so my stamina rebuilds quicker for my dear Agent Rio, but I haven't done that (that being said, if there's a way to speed up that rate, pls let me know.

One thing that has irritated me consistently is the rate for quartz and coal. It drives me insane that the most quartz I've been able to get is 15 and for coal, it was 23, which I think is a fluke. With the number of increasingly powerful foes we're facing, this doesn't make it easy to keep these two items with a healthy stock. Planks are easily gained, but they are used up pretty quickly, especially if you're prepping for an endurance run or some other homebase related thing (ie, wargames).

I feel that it would be of a benefit to all players for epic to include way more ways to get quartz and coal amongst other items (like rain, perk ups, amp ups, and flux for example) in loot llamas as well as schematics. Let's be honest and serious; why do you need to be awarded greys, greens or blues once you get to Canny? It's just a waste and a way to decrease the number of these trash items, we can get stuff that will actually HELP us as we progress in the game. I never realized how truly irritating it is until I reached Twine.

I really hope that Epic does something to make things a touch easier/more rewarding to people who are further along in the game.


I've included my spreadsheet so you can get a glimpse of what the totals were as I played through about 5 days where I had missions where I did NOTHING but farm. You'll notice that not all of the crafting materials are listed since these are what I focus on (or in the case of Vindertech, will evenutally focus on).

Also, a bit unrelated, but still related rant…WE NEED MORE STORAGE SPACE AND BIGGER BACKPACKS! I have maxed out all research and all upgrades shortly after getting to twine and the fact that I can't even get more storage space is a big point of contention for me.

And I hope that one day the implement what they had during the halloween event, where you were very unlikely to get duplicate epic and legendary heroes out of the freaking llamas. I'm tired of Bombsuit Kyle, I have enough of him and I'm tired of recycling him, even if he does give me some hero xp to use. I'm not saying COMPLETELY stop, because the xp can be a little helpful, but limit the number of times he can appear in a llama. There was one occasion where I used my last 500 tickets and both of the last two rewards were epic bombsuit kyles. It was a slap in the face when I could have gotten one of the newer weapons instead.

I love this game; I really do. But I can see why people are slowing down on their play, which makes it harder for people to be able to accomplish the missions they need to progressed when there getting reamed hard by lobbers and smashertrains. I've lost so many materials because I couldn't get help in missions.

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