Feedback for glider redeployment Megathread

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Feedback for glider redeployment Megathread

Hey FortNiteBR,

Feedback for the Glider redeployment mechanic

If you are unaware, EPIC has recently added a new mechanic to the game known as 'glider redeployment' in the v6.20 update. This allows for the player to redeploy their glider from 3 stories or higher. This mechanic was taken from the soaring 50's game-mode and applied to all default modes.

We are making this thread to help compile all the feedback the community has regarding the new redeployment mechanic, this is to reduce the amount of generic spam on this topic and to also allow for wide constructive discussion about the implementation of this new mechanic.


Discuss below what are your thoughts on the mechanic, should it stay? Should it go? Any adjustments which you think should be made to make it fit well in the game. All feedback is welcome and we expect in depth discussion on how well this mechanic fits in-game.

Please be aware that sub rules still apply.


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